Expand Iowa's medical marijuana program

Mar 08, 2019

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Expand Iowa's medical marijuana program

If you're an Iowa resident, ask your lawmakers to expand Iowa's medical marijuana program today.

Two bills to expand Iowa's low-THC medical marijuana program are working their way through the Iowa Legislature and have passed some important hurdles. On Wednesday, committees voted in favor of bills (SF 501 and HSB 244) that would make numerous positive changes to Iowa's medical marijuana program. The much-welcomed reforms include:

  • Removing the three percent THC cap on medical marijuana products;
  • Allowing more health professions to recommend medical marijuana; and
  • Adding PTSD as a qualifying condition and expanding the definition of untreatable pain so more patients can qualify for medical marijuana.

There is a chance these bills could pass, but not without your support. According to a poll sponsored by the Des Moines Register, 78% of Iowa adults want the state to expand its medical marijuana program. Please ask your lawmakers today to support these changes to the medical marijuana program in Iowa. Together, we can help Iowa patients access the medicine they deserve.