Drug Czar Lies of the Week

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I promise, we will not do a new post every time an ONDCP official lies. We’d never get any work done. But the falsehoods uttered by deputy Drug Czar Scott Burns in this interview in the Arcata Eye, a small northern California paper, are so blatant that they deserve mention. To avoid having to write a War and Peace-length tome, I’ll focus on just two:

LIE #1:  Tough laws and enforcement are reducing marijuana use: Burns says, “drug use is down in the United States dramatically since 2001 … So we know that when we push back, the problem gets smaller.”

Actually, virtually every expert analysis has found this to be untrue. In 2001  the National Research Council, in a White House-commissioned study, found “little apparent relationship between the severity of sanctions prescribed for drug use and the prevalence or frequency of use.” Just weeks ago, a new World Health Organization study found that drug laws have little if any relationship to use rates — and that the rate of marijuana use in the U.S. is over double that of the Netherlands, where adults are permitted to possess and purchase small amounts of marijuana from regulated businesses.

LIE #2: Marijuana belongs in Schedule I, with drugs like LSD and heroin that are banned from medicinal use. Burns says, “Because of the higher potency, it is the same as cocaine and methamphetamine and heroin. … I say you should try crack, because from what I hear, crack cocaine will make you feel really good as well. This is not about making people feel better. … physician after physician, and scientist after scientist have said, ‘You have to be kidding me.’” 

Oh dear.  First, does Burns really believe that relieving suffering (making sick patients “feel better”) is somehow inappropriate for medicine? Is he unaware of the mass of clinical research documenting that marijuana does indeed relieve symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and neuropathic pain? 

Second, methamphetamine and cocaine are in Schedule 2 — that is, they are legal medicines. And no, the approximate doubling of average marijuana potency over the last 20 years doesn’t make it a whole new drug — no more than wine is a whole different drug than beer because it has three times the alcohol level. Indeed, there is no proof that higher potency marijuana poses any danger at all. A recent analysis in the journal Addiction stated, “more research is needed to determine whether increased potency and contamination translates to harm for users.”

As for what doctors think, the American College of Physicians — 124,000 neurologists, oncologists and other internal medicine specialists — recently called for marijuana to be taken out of Schedule I “given the scientific evidence regarding marijuana’s safety and efficacy in some clinical conditions.”

Did Burns’ nose grow longer as he was speaking?


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  1. When Burns says, “…of the 20 million drug users in the United States, 75 percent singularly or co-use marijuana. So either we’re gonna talk about it or we’re gonna ignore about 75 percent of the problem” I find myself wondering how many of those 20 million drug users breath air or eat M&M’s just because people smoke marijuana and use more dangerous drugs does not mean there is a correlation.

  2. Bruce,

    I thought that this quote was very telling:

    Eye: Well, I was going to ask you to sum up with any advice from the federal government for both our City, as it tries to develop some land use policy for this and/or to the people of Arcata.

    Burns: It would be this: Defer 100 percent good judgment of the people who have been elected and appointed.

    Frighteningly authoritarian.

    Just trust us, right? We’ve got everything under control…

  3. That’s government for you. ONDCP isn’t the only agency where lies are blatant. The DEA, BATFE, IRS, TSA and all the rest have this one thing in common.

    They lie because they fear that if people stop believing the myths they spew forth, their agencies will one day be closed as they should be.

    For the dishonest and unscrupulous, nothing is more important than remaining in a high-salaried position where they can wield the power of life and death (or at least the power of being in prison or out of prison) over the rest of us.

    I, too, want to avoid writing a whole book, so suffice it to say here that Murray Rothbard has written a great deal to explode pro-government myths, and I have review some of his work on my blog (click my name).

  4. The chutzpah of Burns and his ilk reciting Schedule I criteria while US Patent 6630507 exists. Lying parasites…

  5. Why do they want to do bad things to plants?

    Plants=Bad. Can’t tax nature. Can’t sell what grows free. Can’t make big bucks on buds selling FMC tankfarms, vats and fresh water to brew and ferment then contained in melted silica. Stored in ammonia refrigeraated warehouses transported with fossil fool driven rigs to the distributor near you. Or money made on dead trees once producing O2 and dew, when hemp is stronger wood and clothing. More balanced protein in hempseed while exported cattles ratio is 12 pounds of grain for each pound of meat, and tons of poisons and more fresh water to grow it. Where’s OpRescue pot phoebes over bible belt pesticide abortions? Veggie oil for plastic and not Bush Bin Laden Oil that’s imported now. Or Canadians keeping the sweet oil deal if they don’t loosen Ganja laws. Mexamericanada.

    The Ganjawar does sell jail cells and accessories. Can’t sell poisons on hemp that doesn’t use it. No sickness to treat with expensive white powders. Down right Un Patriotic this Wellness! Cures and prevention those commies again. Removing bogus lies doesn’t require legalize. Just put harmful abusive addictions in the box marked #1 and take out all that don’t belong. Ganja Hemp to start.

    Therefore, Prohibition=Illegal and Legalization=Bad. You support Legalization or Prohibition. You=Bad. Why do you want to do bad things to children? Children do drugs. Then Kids=Bad. Must fix kids in prison and rehab with pisstaste and perverts to observe them so they don’t cheat. Must fix society to be perfect, must kill all imperfections. Robots and cockroaches singing off key…

    Why does DEAth want to do bad things to plants?
    DEAth=Bad. You support DEAth. You=Sic.

    The Whacko’s are running the Asylum, The Invasion of N Cali and Monterey/Big Sur, DEAth burning grow-ops? Fire fighting resources spent killing pheasant habitat. Fires getting out of hand. Oh well it’s all for the kids, except the ones who’s houses burned. Snitches compared to Patriots, Turn your neighbor in, win yourself a pat on the back from Burned Out Burnsy, DEAth Propagandist. Rid us of 92 year old women and Rachels caught in the middle. Schizoids living myth’s, believing in their hobgoblins. Over what is bought and sold, amazing the control these DEAth Merchants have and how easily the lemmings just follow blindly, right in step. Killing kids and juvi-priz with sodomy deterrents. Lies to outlaw, then more to sustain the bloated budgets of hysterical idiots.

    Full grown Police officers standing on coffee tables shrieking over a little mouse. Fascists go right past the Kynd bud, tongues drooling over computer client lists. Future busts without ever leaving the Krispie Krawlers. Now they are told, I imagine, to take what we say and reverse it. I tried to tell the poor moron, Stoners and Jackboots just don’t fit. I have no $40 billion budget to even be a Fascist. We say contrary truth things, just to divert from the Imperial Grand Wiz Czar Waldo’s sermon.

    Janet Edgars FBI busts citizens doors down, threats are just pudding. Judge Jury and Executioner, a Bush economic incentive. Cheney says they can appeal the Supreme Court or just state Marshall law. Don’t fool with mother dick. He shoots friends in the face. Burnt spends most of his time on his knees to administrators, blinders secure, questions stifled, pushing the agenda, Daddybush’s 1000 points of light keeping us in the dark.

    Ganja Hemp will be kept under wraps, by the duly appointed until when. Fossil fools are getting empty, let the sheople eat cake. They preach we need dependence on a Big Brother, Uncle Sam’s cousin twice removed, this ole worlds just too damn hard. Liberty’s alright if you can afford it. Best they tell us what to do and say and put that old parchment away. Learn about Columbus discovering Indians herding dusty Buffalo over our oil wells. Savages! Like they do in Colombia.

    Thinking outside of the box just disrupts the daily planner. Mandatory sentencing makes it easy for the accountants. 3 strikes is better, SB 1959 Bi Partisan murder of the First Amendment. Flew through the 404 congressional Puppets cowering in fear. 6 remaining American statesmen voted no, out of a majority of Federal Commies! Souders Higher Education Ax keeps poor folk working in Micky D’s. No silly notions, like being free. Nothings free. Free things can’t bring taxes, Bidon’s RAVE lie wasn’t questioned a 4th time, tacked onto Amber’s Alert to stop NORML rallies from spreading.

    Better than what Tom & Rollie got, shot in the head for teaching about hemp. Peter was suffocated, as any one in Abu Grave. Tuck Yankied from his Canadian hospital bed then drug across the border. Illegally relieving pain then questioning authority. Snitch on your parent then lose your house. Now try to tell them it was for their own good. Fatherless children, families broken. all so the someDrug Czar can keep up the farce. Employing creepy crawlers like Burnt. Barthwell caging sick people now working for Sativex.

    McCaffrey, the Klintoon lapdog drug cop and someDrug Czar/Education Secretary Bennett before that, ripping the word “hemp” out of the school books, now on TV giving more lame advice. Bennett selling books on virtue then losing 8 million into slot machines. Undocumented DEAth budget, no one knows where it goes. And the comps. His side kick John Pee bilking the public selling chickenhawk wet dreams about predator kids smoking extra strength pot like some superman comix. 6 figured buffoons. The more they f-u the more we pay them. Weekly DEAth terrorists threats hovering like Rudi’s Vultures around every Buyers Club, waiting to pounce on then pillage Alternative Americans.

    They don’t smoke marijuana in the Congress, They just get drunk and sing J P Sousa off key. It’s ok to drive with a gun and open bottle, but a whiff of pot gets a term in the pokey. They’re proud to sell the US to the Saudi’s. GOPerkrats can get us the best deal. They need our kids to bulk up and think less, blind obedience is the golden rule. Jerking flags made out of mid east crude plastic, as the kids we saved from pot get blown all to hell saving Iraq. 8 trillion in debt to G-8 World Banksters. And be damned if competitor corporations will lose profits to wild weeds and back porch re-creation.

    Administrated education depravation assures hemp won’t be confusing kids. History’s lies agreed upon makes better brochures for occupying countries and keeping dissidents iout of the picture. It ain’t about Ganja, Ganja/Hemp is or it isn’t, Test have been done. It is. It’s about “the war”, making money keeping it going. Hovers a few points over the decades but it was never about winning or losing. Nexxon lied and placed it into shedule#1. Hiding research never letting cable report about it, unless it’s DEAth memo’s read. How many could have benefitted since 1974 when Ford hid cancer studies. Fake statistics seal the deal, 101 years and counting.

    Slave labor or dumbing down blue collars with 57 channels reading the same government emails. Bias press and no press at all. One man decides who gets grants, after years of filling out forms and waiting for answers and rejections. Then appeals then after the hoops are jumped through, its only the monopoly pot you can use. The pot NIDA can’t check for medicine, only put out hype and gutter science. To keep it illegal for the good of the country/church/corporation. Burns dutifully acts the fool staggering stammering the same scum Souder spews daily. Burns is the waste product of Waldo. DEAth sells us poison, then sells us medicine to treat it. They stab us all in the back then sell us Band-Aids. ONDCPee pushes itself on all government business. Except no bid contracts reaping part of those trillions. Cayman Island banks, built overnight, tax sheltering rich corporate don’t give a shits. Looks like Busheney Inc. got away with it.

  6. Legal criminals work in the government. The most horrendous crimes ever committed. Done be pencil neck geeks shuffling dead trees all covered in blotches of ink. DEAth Merchants only do what we let them. The anti-drug thugs, gossipers and fixers. Lie and get airwaves because we let them.

    Better to bleed us slow and avoid a revolt. Toss crumbs to a few to envy the rest, divided is best. Gut the checks and balances and elect employees. Busheney master race gets away with it. Worse person in History, and half of the voters voted for it. 63% of the German’s voted Hitler in. The US loved Mussolini. Thailand murders 5000 for Souder and gets friendly nation status. Colombians get modern agent orange dumped on their kids, while their government cashes billion dollar checks from Johnney Pee.

    Outlaws fill a need of the people, illegally. Growers buy local and We the People seek them out. We buy Ganja, they don’t sell it. No commercials, flip charts on demographics. No twins at the superbowl selling sacks of chronic. Trust after time, eliminates shopping, and it doesn’t change all that much over the years. Except the prices, not usually too drastically. Bust one and another supplies. People want their Ganja.

    Growers provide Ganja for people who want it. Public servants. DEAth and it’s minions of worriers, threaten the people who never ask for their protection. Protecting the “public”, a corporate non-entity. Doesn’t exist in real terms, with molecules and atoms. Same as the reefer demons hurled on stoners. Stigmatized and ostracized, shunned and caged. No defense in court, this is not Justice. Million tax dollar team facing what one person has, “State” is another one of those non-entities.

    We the People are real. We bleed. “Corporations” don’t bleed. The “Public” can’t bleed. A crime should have a victim. It has to be committed. No victim, no crime, no crime, no time. Cops can’t be victims of what they don’t experience. Asking for Ganja, just to arrest and hopefully cage a person is sic. With fake doctors, doctors doing harm. Seems like entrapment. Fake doctorcops making sure torture victims didn’t die too soon.

    Insurancedocs without medical knowledge, writing scripts and diagnosing treatment. Siding with the AMA and DEAth in spite of their own physician students. Politicops we voted for disregard us once they’re intrenched. Sciencops thinking up bad things, lies and half truths, to keep it from ending grants and overtime and competition.

    Seems like a lot of things King George did, are back again to haunt us. OiNkDeCePters Politically tried to sabotage Barney’s law. Our $40 billion tax bucks paid him to be anti Democrat? Forbidding Free Speech to tell the jury why you did something. Basics, Guantanamo would even allow it. If you murder someone you can tell your side. If you grow pot the Feds shut you up, and instruct the jury to not listen.

    How does that work? How many DEAth are sitting there with them, making sure we don’t add any evidence or truth. Entitled to a jury of our peers, peers don’t kill you. But that’s why he did do it your ho nor, NO. “Fed’s DEAth” says so. That’s it. 404 but 404 but 404, numbers don’t bleed. — DdC 8.8

    The Drug Czar is Required by Law to Lie.

  7. Medical Marijuana and Industrial Hemp are legallly related. The replica of the Colubus ship the Nina was here in Sacramento and since I know of the USDA movie, “Hemp for Victory” which says.
    “All the ships that sailed the western seas, were rigged with hempen ropes and sails.” I looked for hemp, on the Nina and found polyester. I e-mailed, A.J. Sanger, [email protected] he said,
    “… no one knows what the sails were made of …” I sent him,
    a 22year old article, from the New YorksTimes, called, “Translated Documents capture Ambience and Aroma of the Nina” by John Noble, which prove that the Nina had hemp for sails and I sent it 22 times on 8-21-08 so AJ couldn’t miss it. I also quoted, Hemp for Victory to him. So far no response from Sanger.
    Sincerely, Janice M. Bonser Libertarian Candidate for California Assembly 10th District.
    P.S. Ron Paul a Congress man made a document asking Congess to recognize the difference between marijuana and hemp called the hemp farm bill of 2007 I think. Please look it up and support
    it. Thank you.

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