Drug Czar Disinformation in Michigan

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Once again, the White House drug czar is on the road spreading disinformation at taxpayers’ expense — this time campaigning against Proposal 1, the Michigan medical marijuana initiative.

In a series of appearances in Lansing and the suburbs of Detroit, John Walters condemned the measure, as described by the Detroit Free Press:

LANSING — A team of top national antidrug officials joined the late-starting campaign to defeat Michigan’s medical marijuana initiative Tuesday, telling reporters Proposal 1 is a dangerous drug legalization scheme that will lead to more addiction and despair.

John Walters, a Michigan native who heads the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, said marijuana has no legitimate medical use. Medical marijuana laws simply “make it easier for addicts to stay addicted,” he said.

Walters brought with him — really, I am not making this up — a medical marijuana vending machine seized from a dispensary in Los Angeles earlier this year. It took three military guys to cart the thing around. And of course, Walters simply ignored the fact that Proposal 1 does not permit dispensaries, much less vending machines. Just how much did this exercise in irrelevance cost taxpayers?


Walters also ignored the emphatic statements from major medical organizations demolishing his claim that marijuana has no legitimate medical use. For example, in a detailed position paper issued earlier this year, the American College of Physicians, a 124,000-member organization consisting of oncologists, neurologists, and other internal medicine specialists, stated, “Evidence not only supports the use of medical marijuana in certain conditions but also suggests numerous indications for cannabinoids.”

Finally, a word needs to be said about the claim that medical marijuana laws lead to “more addiction.” In fact, no state with a medical marijuana law has seen an increase in teen marijuana use, and in most cases use has gone down markedly.

And medical marijuana actually allows patients to reduce the use of much more addictive opioid painkillers. Television host Montel Williams described this eloquently in a 2005 newspaper column. And research with animals has shown that cannabinoids in combination with drugs like codeine and morphine can produce equal or greater relief with lower doses of the narcotics while avoiding the development of tolerance, which can lead to addiction. Such combination therapy can even restore pain relief after the narcotics by themselves have lost efficacy due to tolerance.

The lies are coming thick and fast, so this is the time to get involved in the campaign.


7 responses to “Drug Czar Disinformation in Michigan”

  1. Walters is such a disgusting purveyor of propaganda. I know he’s required to do so, but as head of the ONDCP it shows he cannot make good decisions, can’t prioritize, and that he doesn’t really care about people. He could choose his battles but nooo. Use an ax to tackle something a scalpel is needed for.

    He would have been wonderful in the old politburo of the USSR since decieving the masses with disinformation seems to be the only thing he’s good at.

    We don’t need such these days. We need truth that helps guide policy and we need leaders who want to help people, not do them further harm.

    Tragically, since Biden created/helped create the office, when he and Obama win and it’s time to reauthorize in 2010, they’ll probably do so. I don’t see them admitting an expensive, harmful, and ineffective mistake was made regardless of facts.

    Money apparently grows on trees in Washington. Spend as much on whatever as long as it sounds like something that will imprison people longer and be tougher on “crime”.

  2. That just goes to show everyone, how miserably out of touch with the real world, this Walters guy is. This administration is so riddled with lies and deceptions. It’s gotten so bad that I’m afraid they might even be believing their lies. We have to break this cycle of lies and deception, once and for all.

  3. Jim’s comment is a great parallel. The ONDCP is operating like Pravda from the old Soviet Union days. I’m just disappointed more of the media doesn’t call them on this nonsense and lies.

  4. I live in Michigan, very close to Grand Rapids were this politico B.S. was going on the other day. This group calls itself ” Citizens protecting Michigans kids” The local paper made a big deal about the “czar” being in town. He and his cronies message was that proposal 1 was about legalizing “dope” and not “medicine”. It really pisses me off to know my hard earned tax dollars are being used to spread lies to the people. These words were delivered in the usual neo-con style of the Bush administration….oh and don’t forget a little fear and impending doom for our society thrown in for good measure. One can only hope that if Obama becomes president, he will be smart enough to see the waste of tax dollars spent on this propaganda office and terminate his lies along with his cushy job.

  5. media will call them out?? THe media are a freakin shill for the government….dont u see that? how the heck did they fool the american ppl so easily into a disastrous war??

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