DEA in California: New story but same old dirty tricks

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Yesterday, armed federal DEA agents raided Emmalyn’s California Cannabis Clinic, a licensed medical marijuana facility in San Francisco. This action – seemingly at odds with the recent policy change announced by the U.S. Justice Department – drew the ire of San Franciscans, who overwhelmingly support medical marijuana access.

DEA raids S.F. medical marijuana collective, photo by MPP's Troy Dayton - March 25, 2009
DEA raids S.F. medical marijuana collective, photo by MPP's Troy Dayton - March 25, 2009

According to a vague statement released by the DEA last night, the collective was not complying with state law and therefore wasn’t subject to the recent policy change.

However, the San Francisco Department of Public Health has issued a conditional permit to the collective, which was actively working with the city to obtain a permanent license. The medical marijuana permitting process in San Francisco is one of the more difficult in the state and includes mandatory inspections for compliance.

MPP is asking supporters to demand an explanation from the White House about this recent attack on San Francisco patients.

“Because so little information has been released thus far, we have more questions than answers,” Aaron Houston, MPP director of government relations says. “But with an actual shooting war at the Mexican border, not to mention federal law enforcement there being so overwhelmed that traffickers coming through the border with up to 500 pounds of marijuana are let go, it’s very hard to believe that this is the best use of DEA resources, especially in a city with an active program to license and regulate medical marijuana providers.”

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  1. Some of the most important contributions and discoveries made in the Ancient world still relevant today were all discovered by individuals who self medicated themselves with “natural” remedies of the day, i.e.: Cannabis, Opium and Opiates, Hallucinogenics and other naturally occuring stimulants and nacotics. These People “under the influence of mind destroying and toxifying substances” gave us inventions and theories like, “the Atom”, the modern theory of the earth rotating around the sun, incredibly advanced mathematics, and lets not forget the “7 wonders of the world” just to name a really scant few. Even the most succesful generation of American’s “the Baby Boomers” were able to legally injest substances like cannabis, LSD, Cocaine, and Ecstasy without the horror of government persecution, especially so with Hemp because the government WANTED farmers to GROW HEMP for the war effort (WWII).

    The only difference today is that a general air of ignorance and superfluous excess of ideology prevent us from living the normal, productive and happy lives of our ancestors. It should stand to reason that our Ancestors used the scientific method (or ancient equivalent) on everything. EVERYTHING!!!! But American politicians’, too full of themselves and their self-riteous zeal, believe that their omnipotence, and omnipresence can suddenly change and will snuff out practices THOUSANDS of years old.

    THAT IS WHY THE ALCOHOL PROHIBITION did not work. Not because Americans’ were wrong, not because of the potential billions (modern equivalent) in tax revenues, but because America is fighting a war that is rooted hundreds of thousands even millions of years old.

    Accurate research with the support of Imperical data should still be the presedence upheld today in our *highly enlightened* society, not the belief that “you know what is best for me and mine”. True research is something that our predescessor’s knew all too well to be the ONLY means of changing the minds of everyone. YES even back then! Let us practice what we preach and study the data concerning prohibition, and to hell with the federal governments’ stance.

    Prohibition only increases the threat to ANY government authority from its constituency, just look at data concerning American & Canadian Bootleggers from the 1930’s Alcohol prohibition and look at the American & Mexican Cartels (also bootleggers just of Marijuana).

    I think it’s pretty clear what must happen.

  2. @ Bryan M. – very well written. I agree whole heartily.

    I am just sick and disgusted with the hypocrisy. How many more innocent lives must be ruined and destroyed before the government figures out (and I’m sure they already know) that prohibition simply does not work?

  3. Brian M. – VERY well written! I could not agree more. We must keep fighting our own war against our government to get the laws changed!

  4. If all the Representatives from the MMJ states voted for the Hinchey-Rohrbacher amendment, we could de-fund the DEA’s war on MMJ.

    Where is Rep. Frank’s bill HR 5842 “To provide for the medical use of marijuana in accordance with the laws of the various States.” from last year?

  5. What gives here? I thought Federal resources were not going to be wasted on medical marijuana dispensaries. I smell a rat here!

  6. I’m very concerned that the DEA will always find some excuse to claim a dispensary was violating state law. Just look at what they are doing with Charles Lynch and the claim that he was selling to “minors”.

    Since all the details aren’t out I’m still a little optimistic that maybe this dispensary was in some major violation under state law and there was a legitimate reason for the raid. But the fact that the SFPD wasn’t informed about the raid tells me my optimism will be very short lived.

    We need to hold the attorney general and the president to their words and make sure they actually enforce the policy the Mr. Holder laid out. If the DEA just finds loopholes to claim state law was violated when it wasn’t then Mr. Holder’s policy really has no merit and means nothing.

  7. Looks like we’ve all been fooled by his so called message of “Change”. I feel like I’ve voted for Bush again. Same old same old. Ron Paul for President in 2012!

  8. I’m afraid Tn activist may be about right . Its about time to fight fire with fire . What if the people that blocked the DEA had interveined ? Would they have been gunned down ? More cops killed ? Martial Law ? Do they really need blood to take us serious ? And , I voted for Nader (After Ron Paul dropped out ) “Don’t tread on me .”

  9. Media alert! If you guys missed last night on CNN with Ron Paul, heres the clip:

    How can this prick say Marinol is available for medical use, and at the end saying medical marijuana is sending a “mixed-signal”, sorry, I’m upset like the rest of us. You can tell Ron Paul is upset, and I don’t mean to cuss, but god damnit.. I’m getting sick of this. It’s doublespeak, and I guess I’ll go read my copy of 1984 again and try not cry myself to sleep tonight.

    Yes we can, but no we won’t. Thanks Obama, argh.

  10. My email to Mr. Istook

    Dear Mr Istook, I watched your debate with Ron Paul last night, and I must say that I am ashamed that you are representing my great State of Oklahoma. I do not even know where to start with you, and what you said. Firstly your stance on Marijuana having no medical value is completely ignorant. Before prohibition Marijuana was widely used as a medicine. Actually if you look at the major drug companies history almost all of them made some form of marijuana related medicine. Marijuana has been used in medicine for over 5000 years with not one fatality ever. You can not even say the same about aspirin. There has also never been a case of lung, throat, or mouth cancer related to marijuana smoke. When you site figures like there are 400 bad chemicals in marijuana smoke that can hurt you you need to make sure that you site that there are actually cancer killing properties to marijuana. That would make since since no one has ever had a proven case of cancer from smoking marijuana.Also the federal Government is growing marijuana right now and sending it to patients as we speak. The federal Government also has patents on Marijuana as a medicine. You can check for yourself. So your stance is proven wrong by the very government that you are a part of. Secondly if the federal government’s powers supercede state powers then you are not for our constitution at all and you are now just a part of “Big Government” sad to say. If you truly believe this then I do not know if I should label you socialist , or Communist. For arguments sake lets say that you are right and the Government powers supercede State powers. If this is true then why is the Government breaking it’s own laws (which you believe in) by growing and distributing marijuana for medical purposes? You yourself have said there is no medical value at all and that no medicine should be smoked. Then why is your Government sending out 300 prerolled marijuana cigarettes to patients across the country. There is actually one patient who had to move from Florida to Oregon so that she could grow her own medicine because the date on her medical marijuana from the government was sometimes 8 years over due.Thirdly, You neglected to say that there are substances in Marijuana that can actually cure cancer not give cancer. The study was first done by your own Government that you are a part of. They cured up to 75% of brain tumors that they gave to rats. This study was again done by researches in Spain with the same results. Fourthly I must bring up the great “Gateway theory”. There are multiple studies that say that is completely false. People might have bought that 10 years ago, but we know now that it is not true. The gateway theory revolves around the thought that if you start using marijuana you will move onto harder drugs. The same can be said about food. If you start eating food then you are going to weigh 400lbs and spend 3 hours a night at some sort of buffet. This simply is not true. You and I both know this. The fact that a person may go onto use harder drugs is due to a number of things. Like genes, your childhood, divorce, home life, friends, you are even more likely depending on what neighborhood you live in. Oh and let’s not forget that since marijuana is illegal then when you go and buy it and the same guy has ecstasy then yes he will try and push it on you. When I go and buy beer there is not someone there trying to sell me another drug because the drug I came for is well regulated and taxed to death. And last but not least, you actually had the audacity to say that marijuana can cause broken homes, divorce, and crimes such as theft. I think you miss spoke and I accept your apology in advance because I think you were talking about prescription drugs and alcohol. So I will let that statement slide. I can’t believe you actually believe that statement. The only reason there is a broken home, divorce or even a theft is because marijuana is illegal. If it were taxed and regulated and sold in a store then there would be none of the horrible side effects of prohibition. If you would like to have a sensible debate based on science and facts then I would love to educate you to what we know in the year 2009 about the thousands of benefits marijuana can have on one’s own health. The next time you want to go on television and tell lies would you make sure that you have me in studio with you so that I can translate all of your lies into truth for the American public. We elected you to tell the truth and to do what is best for us at a Government level. Obviously you are not doing a very good job at that. Instead you are doing the “Oklahoma Good Ol Boy thing” and protecting us from ourselves. What is funny is you have it backwards. I believe we need to protect us from you! Thank you for your time, Chris Brady

  11. This is just so stupid. If I wanted to, I could be a caregiver, and earn 350,000 a year, doing basically…NOTHING…

    Why can the Government not get that this is such a waste of our tax payer dollars, and they should be collecting the 350K a year, and start providing the medication to those of us that truly need it.

    Its unfortunate that in a state where medical marijuana is legal, I feel very unsafe.

    Obama laughs it off, just like Hilary laughed off Medical Marijuana, saying there are other options….such as OXYCONTIN, super addictive, and a kidney stone provider…

    Thank you for the open mind…Not seeing the change some of us had hoped for.

    Stop Raiding Caregivers.

    The problem is, if they were not buying from licensed sellers, I understand that, however, who wants to get register with the government as a caregiver, if they are going after anyone distributing?….


  12. Just a FYI…

    I formerly was treating myself with cannabis for a chronic, painful spinal condition for which there is basically little if any relief from standard medications. It worked quite effectively for pain relief, was anti-inflammatory, and suppressed the various spasms and twitches that accompany this condition.

    Due to a complicated series of events, my supply of cannabis was shut down and I was forced by the state to do without my medicine. Eventually, I was able to find a thoughtful physician who wrote me a prescription for Marinol.

    The result: Sure, Marinol helps with the pain, somewhat. It’s probably half as effective as cannabis. It costs 10 as much. Marinol does NOT help with the inflammation in my spine that aggravates my condition (and poses the issue of additional permanent nerve damage, including the possibility of paralysis.) Marinol also does not help with the spasms and twitches.

    I presume the limitations of Marinol are because it lacks the other, vital but non-psychoactive components found in natural cannabis.

    Thus, the DEA is basically WRONG about Marinol being an effective substitute for cannabis. At best, it is a very partial substitute that is far too expensive. The DEA is thus acting as a protection racket for the makers of Marinol. BTW, they just jacked the price up again by another $200/month.

    Give me cannabis or give me paralysis…
    Let’s hope not, but I really don’t like having no choice in the matter, forced on me by a bunch of ignorant asses at the DEA, who do a far better job at suppressing the rights of Americans to liberty and proper healthcare than they will ever do at killing the demand for this vital medicinal plant.

  13. law enforcement would rather go after the easy fish, the dispensaries, then solve the real problem across the border, and obama and all of our statesmen and women are okay with it that’s why they keep feeding the public the same old scare tactic arguments like gateway theory and how dangerous mj is like meth. mj as a whole is an easy target. the merchants of other illegal drugs mean buisness, ever hear of a columbian neck tie. every hear of a weed dealer doing that to some one. no.
    as i get older and see our civil liberties disappear im scared for the future of my son. even if you don’t smoke mj wich i don’t you have stake in it’s prohibition because eventually the lack of civil liberties will effect your freedom. the right to due process, the writ of habeas corpus, it seems when it comes to ca dispensaries these freedoms are suspended. how scary is this to the individual.

  14. I think that on 4/20 all MMJ card holders in all states that it is legal should get busted and clog up the federal court system soooo bad that the Gov. would shit. Would Obama think that was funny. If it were legal where I live I would have a card and I would do all in my power to get busted

  15. Chris, you wrote a very concise letter to Istook. He was big, loud and rude. He noticeably pissed Ron Paul off at the end.

    I think I should say that to agree with Tennessee Activist and Virginia Patriot is to agree with the Constitution itself. Why do we all think that the Constitution grants citizens guns for the purpose of creating a militia to fight enemies foreign and domestic? One of the big reasons that so many pot smokers and salesmen and dispensaries of pot get busted all the time is because we are notoriously mellow. We simply watch as our medicine, our equipment, cars, homes, businesses and freedom gets taken away.

    The federal government will label you a traitor- an enemy combatant. We will have to commit our very lives to this change. It’s so sad that with all the dead from battles fought to gain our freedom that it’s now in America like it had been in Russia, parts of Europe and all the stuff we ran from to begin with – The very reasons we formed OUR nation. It only proves to me that all war is useless. We repeat the same ole’ mistakes again and again. History has proven that. I wonder when they’re going to introduce “The Goose Step” to our military.
    This is the very first signs of the New World Order and their complete indifference to what “the people” want. We can start with total passive resistance. Remember Gandhi brought Britain to it’s knees without guns. How many unarmed innocent protestors can they kill with out the entire world calling for justice?

  16. Hey Sherri thats a great idea only lets go a couple steps farther and everyone everywhere should go to the local court house and have some kind of smoke-in. If thousands of people show up and light up on the court house steps what are “they the goverment” going to do to us “the people”. This would have to happen on all level’s of goverment. County, city, state, and fed’s. I smoke for arthritis and also chronic pain and it really does help but I can not smoke legaly as my state does not allow mmj.

  17. I think we should view the DEA agents who carry-out these raids, in the same light that America views the soldiers of the Nazi army after World War two. Captured Nazi’s often used the tired excuse “we were just following orders!”, when they were tried for crimes committed against humanity and their fellow countrymen. I would love to see activists that can get to these DEA crime scenes get photos of each rogue DEA agent who is committing these dispensary “Smash-and-Grab” attacks against our fellow Californians, and then post each agents photo on-line and tell all good Americans to “Keep your eyes open and watch for these criminal individuals moving around through your city”. Eventually, we could establish a database and learn who these agents are, where they live, and who their families are. Then we could make an attempt to negotiate with each agent on an individual basis, helping them to discover the error of their ways. Or at the very least, we could attempt to do the impossible and edumacate them…

  18. Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. The DEA employees continue playing the game because they have nothing else to look forwad to. From a practical point for these employees, is that it pays the mortgage, provides a family vacation to Disneyland, and sends the kids to college. Its going to be a tough go to not continue the flogging for which they were hired to perform. It is their livelihood.

    But it is time for them to be layed off. Government is here to serve the public. They are not serving the public at large.

  19. We don’t even have to lay off the DEA . I would think they would make good border patrol . They say were lacking in that area anyway …

  20. Sounds good. John McCain’s (kis wife’s) alcohol distribution business might also be a good place for them to look.

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