Connecticut: Home grow allowed for medical patients starting tomorrow

Sep 30, 2021

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Connecticut: Home grow allowed for medical patients starting tomorrow

Other reforms also take effect starting Friday, October 1.

Good news! As you may recall, as part of Connecticut’s legalization law, starting tomorrow, Friday, October 1, medical cannabis patients who are 18 or older will be allowed to grow cannabis at home!

Each registered patient is allowed up to three mature plants and three immature plants at their primary residence. The number of plants is capped at 12 per household, even if several patients live in the same home. Cannabis plants must be secured from access by anyone other than the patient and his or her primary caregiver.

Also starting tomorrow, medical patients will no longer be required to designate a dispensary to receive their medication. This change will allow patients to access the medicine they need if their local dispensary runs out of supply or they want to try products offered at other dispensaries. Additionally, starting tomorrow, the Department of Consumer Protection commissioner will be allowed to add to the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use without further action.

These provisions would not have made it into the final version of the bill without support from supporters like yourself. Many thanks to all of the grassroots advocates that made these crucial provisions reality. 

Finally, several changes will be made to Connecticut’s Clean Indoor Air Act starting tomorrow, October 1. These changes require employers to ban smoking and e-cigarettes in any area of the workplace, regardless of the number of employees. The legalization law also expanded the Clean Indoor Air Act to include e-cigarettes, hemp, cannabis, or lighted cigarettes, and all retail establishments visited by the public.