Congress Extends Window for Continuing Medical Marijuana Protections

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On Thursday, Congress reached a deal that would continue current government spending for another two weeks while they work toward reaching a final deal on next year’s spending budget. This means that the amendment to the current budget, which prevents the Department of Justice from interfering in state medical marijuana programs, will remain in place for now.

In September, the amendment that would continue these protections for patients and providers who are in compliance with state law were included in the Senate version of the budget, but the House Rules Committee prevented the House from voting on it. Now, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees must decide if they will include this language.

Marijuana policy advocates were increasingly concerned at the end of this week. If the amendment had not been included in the budget, or if this deal had not been reached and the government shut down, it would have allowed Jeff Sessions to direct the Department of Justice to begin targeting state-legal medical marijuana programs for the first time since 2014. Sessions has been trying to get rid of these protections for months, and he sent a letter to Congress in May urging them to strip the amendment from the spending bill.

The new deadline is now December 22. Please contact your members of Congress, and urge them to protect state medical marijuana programs.

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  1. your address link is not recognizing my address which is a 911 address and on the tax bill for our town. What is the problem?

  2. Please support the state medical marijuana programs and continue to protect the program. For those currently needing this program as well as those who desperately want to see the program continue and broaden to open up to those who medically and desperately need to see this program grow for their own health needs. Please save the program and kindly help promote it.

  3. Medical Marijuana requires we develop illnesses (like cancerous tumor cells) Risking Death. Before going to a doctor to try to get a Marijuana Prescription instead of Chemo Poison. Marijuana needs to be legal like Recreational Marijuana access. Which fights illnesses, prevents illnesses, & protects future generations from Birth Defects & Early Life illnesses. The Nixon Marijuana Study proved marijuana kills cancerous tumor cells. Recreational Marijuana access used properly kills cancerous tumor cells that we don’t know we have yet. Marijuana was / is / always will be “THE CURE”. Marijuana was illegally made illegal by lies for profits of products that would otherwise have been made from Marijuana & Hemp. Marijuana is currently illegally being kept illegal by lies for profits of products that otherwise would be made from Marijuana & Hemp. The government has long since claimed marijuana has no medical value. Yet they have patents for it as a medicine & sell synthetic versions of Marijuana as medicine. For all of these reasons our Military should arrest the Federal Government for crimes against humanity.

  4. Do the right thing and legalize it already. It works for a lot of people and there are many ways to use the stuff. Alcohol is legal and people lose their lives from drinking. I need it for chronic pain.

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