Colorado to Spend $9 Million on Medical Marijuana

Jun 13, 2014 , ,

Colorado is preparing to begin the largest state-funded study on the benefits of medical marijuana, The Denver Post reports. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed a bill that will distribute about $9 Million in grants to researchers. These studies will be unique because clinical trials on the kinds of marijuana products that Colorado citizens consume will be among the research conducted. The purpose of these studies is to research the effects of marijuana on the people in a setting where they can consume it legally.

Colorado is following suit in its research after California became the first state to fund medical marijuana research more than 12 years ago, and studies there have yielded results about the analgesic effects of certain doses. Dr. Larry Wolk is the executive director and chief medical officer of Colorado’s health department. While emphasizing that Colorado would mainly fund research on approved medical conditions, Wolk also stated that the state would look into funding other kinds of studies as well. Wolk hopes to begin accepting applications later this year, with funding starting in early 2015.

This is especially good news in light of a report released this week showing that the federal government has consistently stymied research into the potential benefits of marijuana.

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  1. Just wondering where they’ll get their medicine for the studies. Surely they won’t go through proper channels and try (most likely unsuccessfully) to get it from the feds, who hold a monopoly on the only “legal” supply in the country. That would be pointless if they actually wanted to do the research. So does that mean they’ll violate federal law and get it locally ? If so, I’d assume the DEA would not consider any data produced by the studies the next time they deny a rescheduling petition. And may even raid the researchers to prevent them from collecting data that might support medical use.

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