Colorado Sting Operations Fail to Bust Any Marijuana Shops for Sales to Minors

Jun 27, 2014 , , , ,

State regulators and state police recently performed sting operations on 20 different marijuana stores in the Denver and Pueblo areas to determine compliance with state law, reports 9 News. The conclusion they reached was undisputed: None of the stores were breaking the law by selling marijuana to people under the age of 21. In Colorado, marijuana is regulated similarly to alcohol, including the stipulation that people without medical marijuana licenses may only purchase marijuana from retail establishments if they are 21 or older. The sting operations involved sending underage customers into stores to attempt to buy marijuana while being supervised by police officers. Shops who break the law face huge fines and can have their licenses revoked.

During the course of these sting operations, not a single underage buyer was allowed to purchase marijuana from any of the 20 shops. Business owners have welcomed this announcement as an important sign of the legitimacy of the industry and the effectiveness of the regulatory structure. In response to this news, Lewis Koski, the director of the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, issued a statement. He said, “We are pleased with the results and will continue to monitor the businesses to ensure that the compliance efforts are maintained.”

4 responses to “Colorado Sting Operations Fail to Bust Any Marijuana Shops for Sales to Minors”

  1. It’s obvious there are states that can effectively keep marijuana out of the hands of children with regulation and actual control. God bless Colorado and Washington state, well done.

  2. Only proving the effort was in vain and totally unnecessary.

    Cannabis users, in general, are among the most law abiding of American Citizens.

    Criminals seek to hide their activities, those who advocate for the re-legalization of cannabis do not.

    Cannabis consumers are not criminals…and they never were.

    The prohibition of cannabis was wrongful from it’s inception…continues to be wrongful…and will only be righted by the elimination of cannabis prohibition…and an apology for the harm caused by the decades long wrongful prohibition of cannabis.

    Cannabis is legal in some States.

    Why is cannabis illegal in your State?

    Take five minutes to call your Representatives and ask why?…when the majority of the American public wants cannabis to be re-legalized.

    I wonder if Big Booze Dealers, Big Coffin Nail Dealers and Big Pharma Dealers seek the end of cannabis prohibition?

    Who do our elected officials represent?

    Who “donates” the most campaign cash?

    Give it a think?

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