Colo.: Medical cannabis bills would expand allowable conditions, reduce burden on minor patients

Mar 08, 2019

If you live in Colorado, ask your state lawmakers to improve Colorado's medical cannabis program.

Lawmakers presented several new measures to improve the state's medical cannabis laws – particularly for minors and for patients otherwise dependent on opioids. To support these measures supporting minors, click here.

HB 1028 would add autism and reduce the burden on patients under 18 years seeking to qualify for the program. The law would still require two physicians to support a medical cannabis recommendation for minors, but it would remove a requirement that one of the two recommending physicians be a pediatrician or child and adolescent psychiatrist as part of the individual's treatment team. The measure passed the House with a vote of 63-0, and it must now clear the Senate.

Another measure, SB 13, would establish a new type of qualifying medical condition for the medical cannabis program: any condition for which a physician could prescribe an opiate. This measure would also reduce the burden on patients under 18 years old by removing the requirement that the second physician be a pediatrician or child and adolescent psychiatrist. This measure passed the Senate with a vote of 27-7 and must be approved in the House.

A third sensible medical cannabis measure, HB 1031, would allow each parent or guardian for a person under 18 to serve as caregiver for the minor patient, creating more flexibility for those caring for seriously ill patients. Like HB 1028, this measure also passed the House with a vote of 63-0.

Please urge your state legislators to support these compassionate bills, and pass this message on to friends, family, and supporters in your network.