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Today is the day to tell President Obama that you’re fed up with his broken promises and his attacks on medical marijuana providers. Please join thousands of Americans in a National Call-In Day taking place from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm ET.

As you no doubt have heard by now, all four U.S. attorneys in California announced on Friday that they plan to aggressively target state-legal medical marijuana providers for violations of federal law. With virtually no justification, the Obama administration is going to deny patients safe access to their medicine and force them back into the criminal market.

This new development is especially disturbing, considering President Obama’s previous position: In 2009, based on an earlier campaign pledge, his Justice Department issued a memo declaring that individuals acting in compliance with state medical marijuana laws would not be prosecuted. Now, the president has gone back on his word.

Please join supporters of medical marijuana everywhere by making a quick call to the White House and telling President Obama how you feel. Finally, pass this along to all your friends so that we can generate as many calls as possible in opposition to this new policy!

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  1. President Obama,
    Were you lying to us when you claimed a “hands-off” policy against the medical marijuana clinics. The people of the state of California voted for this and it was overwhemingly apporved. Stop trying to be the moral police and admit America’s policy towards marijuana has been wrong. We demand an end to this useless war on drugs!

  2. Tax and regulate! From minor pain to extreme cases we finally have something that has been proven time and time again to help prevent, contain and cure. Our economy even is screaming for marijuana to be legal! I’m all for recreational happiness as well.

  3. Mr Obama i have Leukemia and dont like any other medication which has seroius side affects like kidney failure,strokes,and numerous other terriable problems I dont need .
    I want natural medicine …. Thank you

  4. 1) Why are people posting their messages to Obama here? I’m thinking he’s not a regular reader. (kinda rhetorical, no one needs to answer)

    2) I would have been happy to call today, but the email flyer didn’t hit my inbox until 2:17pm CST. After I was at work, and a long time before I get back home. (I’m thinking phone calls from my offices phone might not be very smart.)
    3) These should have gone out yesterday, or at the very least, early this morning. Maybe they were meant to and someone flaked *giggle*.

    Great idea, poor planning & execution.
    (will still call tomorrow morn)

  5. Dear Mr Obama,
    Please allow the people to utilize medical marijuana and decriminilize and reschedule Marijuana to a class 3. Thank you for your consideration. Over 800,000 people are being arrested annually and money can be spent better suchas to not incarcerate people for marijuana. There has never been a known death from using marijuana! Over $40,000 per prisoner to be incarcerated each year around this country as we speak and you read this. You are doing a great job otherwise at your position as president and commander and chief. blessings, Bob Johnson

    I am in terrable pain 24/7 from a car accident,it has left me with a broken neck and serius back pain. I take 3 controlled drugs witch i recieve through my DR . Ive been on them for 4 years ,and when i run out or have to get refills every month,i have to wait sometimes 3-5 days.I go through bad withdrawls,and am moody with my wife and kids. I can smoke marijuana 2-3 times aday with out the negative sideafects of the other drugs i take.please let our states make our laws.I was counting on you to do just that when i voted for you.please hold up your end of the deal,or you can kiss my vote and many thoughsands of votes goodbuy!!!.Do what is right and make it leagle, tax it let it help save our country. cut jobs in the DEA,and hire more teachers,empty out our prisons of nonviolent drug offenders, and put people to work in the construction of America,dont make addiction a crime.Let get them the help they need ,not prison. dont rip apart familys,and remember not all people are drug addicts as not all people who drink are not alcoholics.Lets end this lunnisy,and get this country back on track. look at the Netherlands they dont have the problems that we think might ? happen. Its all ready hear,just underground and unregulated!!!. PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING AND DECRIMINALIZE MAKE IT SAFE FOR THE PEOPLE TO USE AND NOT BE PENELIZED, OR GO TO PRISON. IT IS MEDECINE.

  7. President Obama,
    I am not a MMP but I do believe in democracy. What happened to your “hands off” policy ?, or is it that you just don’t have any control of the rogue elements of your own administration?

  8. Mr. President,
    I humbly ask for your reader to relay all information to you both posted prior to this and after. It is so important that our voices be heard on this issue.

    Medical marijuana has allowed me to return to a more enjoyable, functional lifestyle that was diminished by an auto accident which left me injured. I had some issues already with my lumbar area of spine and the accident only exacerbated my symptoms and overall condition.

    Im 32 year old male, who was diagnosed and provided care by a Neuro-surgeon, a very well known reputable Doctor. My condition in other words, is legitimate. I am no drug user or seeker. For over 2 1/2 years I was on prescription pain medication of which I could not stop taking or run out of, for if I did, terrible side effects of the opiates would begin. Withdrawal is what I was going through, and went through several times. Just for adequate relief of pain, my tolerance got so much so, that I required 160mg of oxycodone every 6-8 hours just to be able to work every day. Then of course, running out of my medicine, would render me incapacitated due to withdrawals. I would miss work, deal with depression and anxiety, just a whole pile of additional symptoms on top of an already hurting body. I lost weight due to not sleeping because of hte pain medication or because of the pain itself, i just cannot sleep.

    President Obama, I can smoke one joint of medicinal marijuana, and for at least 4 hours I can have FULL relief of symptoms I experience daily. My spinal compression and sciatica, diminished to a 1 out of 10 scale. The radiating pain that just begins at random and the spasms accompanying the pain, ELIMINATED when i consume an edible with the Cannabis Indica variety therein.

    The edibles, be it cookies, stroop waffles, brownies, lozenges, assorted candies, granola, even ice cream are an effective, perhaps silly sounding to those who have not experienced it, way to eliminate pain and insomnia with NO ILL side effects whatsoever.

    If I am not hurting, and do not ingest any marijuana on a particular day, I do not experience any discomfort from not using. I do not go into withdrawals that render me unable to walk due to back spasms, overwhelming fevers and nausea, diarhhea etc.

    A cannibinoid called “CBD” is found in Cannabis, and especially higher amounts are commonly found in the Indica varieties. The “CBD rich” cannabis (high amounts of CBD) are strains that have little psychoactivity. THC levels in these strains are very low. So medicating with cannabis such as this isnt necessarily just ingesting THC and that is the cure-all plus a high… its the other cannibinoids found in cannabis that are found to ease and eliminate different symptoms: inflammation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, attention deficit disorder and so on.

    Mr. President, we live in the most technologically advanced culture ever, why dont we combine that saying with we also live in the most intellectually advanced culture as well? It doesnt take a high IQ in order to see the simple advances in quality of life that is renewed to patients from using medicinal marijuana.

    The evidence is undeniable. Its the ELEPHANT in the room. Lets see it for what it is, and move on. You promised to do that. Granted not verbatim, but you said there would be no move to make medicinal marijuana illegitimate. You promised not to move against the states that had adopted medical marijuana laws , and the dispensaries in those states.

    More importantly, you swore to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, the greatest nation ever, the nation with that ability you swore to defend and honor. The states made laws governing the people as deemed necessary BY the people of those states in respect to medicinal marijuana. Why is the federal government interfering with State law? Even trumping Federal law, we are protected by the constitution for this very type of incident.

    Forgive my rambling. I am deeply disappointed with the news and disturbed. The ramifications of undoing this system already in place that took so long to put in place, are so vast, I cannot type them all. Jobs will be lost, incomes diminished if not eliminated; due to no work, perhaps forfeiture of properties, perhaps losing the job at the dispensary for John Doe will only help increasing his debt and ultimately to his eviction. I mean these are all very real consequences. To THE PEOPLE. Not to you, or anyone in the government. Patients will be affected, PEOPLE. Patients are PEOPLE.

    Sure, there are things we can fix about the industry, as can be said of ANY industry. So lets focus on making the industry work for EVERYONE, patients to caregivers to ultimately lowering costs due to decreased health care visits, etc …

    I can go on and on about this Sir. Any person with a rational mind looking objectively at the situation will come to the same conclusions. More harm will be done by undoing what has been built, than by say, increasing taxes tenfold. People will be displaced medically, socially and possibly dwelling-wise.

    Stand up for America. Stand up for me. Speak for me. Carry my concerns where I cannot go. Do what is right Sir, do what is honorable.

    I give my word to do the same as a responsible ambassador to the world for the case of medicinal marijuana. Socially responsible by being community involved. Giving back by volunteering, donating, anything to spread the message and to help people find the comfort they need but arent getting.

    I know you have alot of money thrown at you to do what is wrong. To do what you know is not right. To deny the people their own GOD given right to pursue a better quality of life.

    Do not do this. I humbly ask this of you Mr. President, please, THINK.

    Mark Dinkins

  9. Why would a government sell arms to mexican drug cartel that has I.based every aspect of our culture in the most vial manner of original privilege and while striping the constitutional rights of legal citizens. Who’s side are you on?!

  10. As long as you’re going to pursue this attack on the rights of people who do things you’ve decided not to like, at least change the name of the Department of Justice to the Department of Draconian Enforcement of Right-Wing Ideology Without Regard to the Law.

  11. Sadly, our government has become driven by greed and the agendas of those who can contribute to the political coffers. I’m curious as to who bought the recent change of the Feds stance on the Cali med laws? Was it big pharma or was it the Mexican drug cartels who can no longer peddle their weed?

    To all here- keep up the good fight.

  12. Dear California DOJ. Upon reading this article my reaction was like yours fast and unjust. Being a small business owner, who orders supplies and equipment from all over the country, I will no longer order any product from suppliers in California, I know this is not fair to your strapped economy and the businesses that are still surviving there. Come to think of it……Your don’t play fair either.

    “Boycott California 2011”

  13. Mr. President,
    I am deaf person and 50% burn skin of my body, I was hurt my body by burn so I used to smoke marijuana for MANY year since I was 17 year old but I don’t like other bad drug like cocaine crack or meth.
    I got to buy marijuana poster from shopping in Iowa…
    About Marijuana Poster…
    1-Cannabis and hemp are the same. “Marijuana” was the Mexican name given to cannbis.
    2-Cannabis was first cultivated in China around 4000 B.C.
    3-The original drafts of the Deciaration of Indipendence were written on hemp paper.
    4-One acre of hemp will produce as much paper as four acres of trees.
    5-Hemp is a source of fiber for cloth and cordage for rope. The Hemp fiber is localed inside the long stem of plant.
    6-George Washington and Thomas John grew hemp. George Washington, the first President of the States,declared: “Make the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everything”.
    7-Hemp seed is nature’s perfect food. The oil from hemp seeds has the highest percentage of essential fatty acids and the lowest percentage of satured fats.
    8-Sterilized hemp seed is commonly sold as bird seed.
    9-Rolling papers, like Bambu, made from hemp paper.
    10-In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act prohibited the use, sale and cultivation of hemp/marijuana in the United State.
    11-Five years later, during the World War ll, the U. S. Deptartment of Agriculture released the film “Hemp For Victory”, which encouragd Amerian farmers to grow hemp for the war effort.
    12-Hemp is cultivated all over the world. Today, China, Korea, Italy, Hungay, Russia and France are among the countries that grow hemp for fiber, paper, and other products.
    13-Cannabis is classified as a schedule 1 drug by the Food and Drug Administration. Designated as a narcotic, it cannot be prescribed by physicians to patients.
    14-In 1988, the DEA’s own administrative law judge cesconcluded that “marijuana is one of the safest, therapeutically active aubstances known to man”.
    15-Cannabis can be used as medicine to treat nausea, pain and muscle spasms. It alleviates symptoms of glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, migraines and other debilitating ailments.
    16-Thirty-five states have passed legislation permitting medical use of marijuana.
    17-Twelve Americans receive prescibed marijuana from the U.S. government.
    18-More than 400,000 Americans are arrested each ye ar on marijuana charges.
    19-More than 400,000 Americans die from diseases related to cigarette smoking each year. More than 150,000 Americans die of alcohol abuse each year.

    Thanks, Mark

  14. i see u havent seen people die from cancer. well my dad did . also i have chronic pain with my conditions but once again they give me life threatning medicines and u deny medical marijuana .when u invited earth wind and fire do u think they wasnt using it? and no bands on alcohol but atf hasnt closed these companys down which if u didnt know it is the most illegal drug in the world has killed more people than d not to mention it could brthe vietcom war cause it was never americas war so i think is bullshit war and we are the government not u or people who reps us they are rich like u so u have accsess to life msaving drugs my father was killed by ur so called legal drugs an it could bring us out of our poor china american gov. get a grip either legalize marijuana or out law alcohol get a back bone or my vote along with millions of others will leave youre side like a theive in the night so i guess goodbye mr scared man u lie soooooo much our votes count and we are the government and we need to vote u out and guess what 75% americans smoke so base youre ass leaving on being a liar everyone know u been stealing our money and livin large good bye borock shebama

  15. goodbye rich man nobody likes u youre not black youre a liar and youre medals aint crap youre a lieing theif giving our money to bin ladin and hes gonna tell u have him killed youre a murderer u should hang u liar u knew he was taking money from us but do nothing people do not vote for this liar he knew the whole time and why the mexicans killing each other because u take their income away and now that youre scared youre giving it back instead of our country making this money youre a vagina get a job in mexico maybe we can get a brave president to bring our money back home and they can let u run the salt mines hank williams is right u are a wimp hiding behind the real heros. we dont want u take youre ass across 8 mile and dont come back wimppy wimppy wimp

  16. A Mr Obama Go back to keya with your daddy and mother you are not a true american.You and ur screwed up administration are Traders.Iam a true american who is not going to let you or your administration step all over my God given rights.You are the true anti crist.

  17. Maybe do a little research and put some thought into who you vote for. Be nice if a simple test was required to be able to register to vote. Hell illegal aliens are better equipped then our own U.S. citizens. You have to pass a test to drive but not determine who leads a country. Politicians would never let it happen, they rely on ignorance to win.

  18. Sorry ya all, this is a bit of topic, but if you want to end the war on drugs…get out there and do something about it. Protest!

    Just found this article this morning.
    I encourage you all to go read it…then go to comments and straighten out the morons and trolls.

    I went to a local protest in my area last nite. I was a bit discourgaged.
    The were only about a 100 or so people(better than no one). That just means not enough people around here have woke up. That just means those 100 and myself have alot of work to do.
    Theres lots of negitive people out there saying this is just a bunch of lazy good for nothings that want everything handed to them.
    Yes there are lazy good for nothings that do want everything handed to them. Just as there are racists in the tea party.
    That doesnt discredit the message.

    I dont mind working hard for what I have….as long as I can keep what I have.
    You shouldnt have to work your whole damned life to pay for a house, just so when you retire and cant afford the tax they put on you and come take it just because your old and cant work.
    You shouldnt have to work your whole life, be taxed to death just so they can make war and enrich themselves on your dime.
    You shouldnt have to work your whole life, pay into SS jsut to depend on government to decide if you should get a C.O.L.A. or not, mean while they give themselves a 17% raise.
    You shouldnt have your life sucked from you in the form of taxes and have said life wasted by people that dont give a rats ass about you or your needs. I should be able to decide what to waste my life on.

    Theres a reason America exists. It exists because people got sick of being taxed to death and treated badly by a government.

    We got no where to move to people! This is it, all or nothing!

    So, all you 1%”ers that put me down, call me lazy? Take your trash down the road.
    All you 99%’ers that havent figured out that you are the 99%, get your heads out of the sand or your ass and do something for your country other that putting down those that are trying!

    Corruption: A disease that spares no one.

  19. Dear Mr. President I’m requesting your cooperation in the ending of prohibition on marijuana. I am a HIV+ male. I have dealt with this condition for the last 11 yrs. I recently been experiencing nuropath in my lower extremities. Although my DR. Proscribed hard narcotics, some of the sideeffects are unbearable. Marijuana relievs my pain with minimal side effects. Please allow safe access to americans! THANK YOU!!!

  20. the president is never going to read this, but i hope somone else will, so they can hear my story.
    I am a 15 year old male that lives in the state of florida, i have ADHD, dextographia, depression, and possibly bi-polar (not diagnosed). My psyciotrist told my mother when i was in the 4th grade that she should have me learn a meanial skillset, and find a meanial job because my conditions were so bad i wouldnt make it through highschool. they put me on ritalin, a PERFECTLY legal drug…… i was rushed to the emergency room because i almost had a heart attack…. at the age of 13… i wasnt doing good in school, made c’s and d’s but by sheer will i was powering through it. in the 9th grade…. i tried marijuanna when i was depressed, angry and feeling hopeless. i went home, sat down at the table did my homework with surprising ease and finished early. i smoked it in the morning before my first period, it was astonishing that i had an A, in an AP!!! an AP world history course. I did major research and found that similar cases were found in california and kids with adhd were perscribed medicinal marijuanna and ate it in edibles and studies proved increased success. i also looked up the legality in florida….. the results were shocking. small possesions of one gram would land me in juvinile detention for holding and evaluation…. i decided i couldnt risk it, i was seeking alternatives, i tryed synthetic marijuanna, it didnt work the same, i was paranoid looking around all the time and it got worse….. the same day i was caught with a 100 percent legal and unrestricted substance and had the choice of leaving school, going to an alternative school, or drug courses for 6 weeks. i have an 8 year old sister and parents that work a mandetory 50 hours a week it was not an option. i am now doing an online school that the best educational acception i can recieve is a GED. with this education, it is illegal for me to enter the military, it is illegal for me to teach
    it is IMPOSSIBLE to be a manager AT MC’ DONALDS. so because i was looking for natural medications that didnt accelerate my heart beat to points that i had to be taken to the emergency room for, my future has been tainted with a hopeless minmm wage life.
    i am off any medication legal or otherwise and im only one of many that have been expelled or forced to drop out because of a plant that was used in a natural and unaltered form. and I…. I am the future of america….. me and many others, we were know as the free nation, once the smartest and most innovative nation known to civilization, we are now the prohibition nation, and we will become the dropout nation, this is not the land of the free, this is the land of the politician.

  21. President Obama has truly dissapointed me for the first time since his office. His decision regarding the use of medical marijuana is completely incorrect. I hope that you rethink your decision. Medical Marijuana users are not criminals. We are just trying to get some relief from our medical problems. Closing the dispensaries would send us patients back to the streets and eliminate thousands of jobs for people trying to help us. I am sure you have more important issues to take care of besides wasting our taxpayers money on something that will never go away. Why are you going to punish us for choosing to use another source of medicine besides prescribed drugs. I just don’t understand why you need to interfere with something you promised you would let the states handle. You promised us. I voted for you because I thought you would keep your promises. Please don’t let us down and please please reconsider this decision. Thank you.

  22. Please have mercy on those of us who depend on this herb. I am a good citizen. I vote. I help everyone I can, in any way I can. This is just insane. Bush took most of our civil rights away. Are you after the rest? What the hell.

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