Californians still begging for change

Jan 23, 2009 , ,

Yesterday, DEA agents – still under the direction of Bush appointees – raided Patient-to-Patient Collective, a South Lake Tahoe, California, medical marijuana dispensing collective which operated under voter-supported state laws.

President Obama pledged to end such raids throughout his campaign. However, four top positions at the DEA are still filled by Bush cronies, who are attempting to undercut the that pledge.

If you’re like me and desperate for a change, use MPP’s online form to contact President Obama and ask him to appoint new leadership to the DEA quickly, so they get the message loud and clear.

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  1. Email Sent. Thank you for the information on contacting our president. Hopefully he will do the right thing and what he promised to his voters. END DEA RAIDS ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA. (or better yet FIRE everyone involved in the DEA and have an investigation to see if any if not all involved in the DEA should go to Jail)

  2. If the law will steal from sick and dieing people and in the process uses violence and guns with deadly consequences. This force which cannot be claimed anything less then evil. If you seek to continue to have a job and have a world you damn well better realize marijuana is the only reason it still exists. Many main stream media have now acknowledged that the marijuana industry is holding up the short comings of the Banks and big business. Meaning that tangible produced wealth must be produced to back for the borrowed money. Marijuana being the biggest cash crop in the nation serves as a staple in American lives possibly more so then alcohol. Americans smoke the most bud in the world I think according to dea and media sources. Maybe its got its roots much deeper then we think, and these laws were set up to form a racist bias against the black culture and the minorities. But never the less unless you end the FED we will all suffer the worst depression this world has seen.

  3. Always fearing what they can’t control. Let’s open the door to a fair and impartial evaluation and study of marijuana or is the DEA trying to hide something? Funny how all the years of smoking marijuana, I never experienced the things they claim would happen. Hmm.

  4. We can get with all of the major organizations and set up a protest march in early spring. What do you think? 2-3 million people enough?

    We have the tools, we have the technology, we can rebuild it.

  5. Cannabis is very safe and effective for the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. It is non-toxic, not lethal, and not physically addictive. There is no logical reason for the DEA to classify it in schedule 1. There is also no reason to attack and persecute sick people who use it for treatment. It is a waste of our tax dollars and precious resources. It sends a bad message to our children who see cowardly DEA agents dressed and acting like the Nazi Gestapo assaulting, intimidating and attacking sick people and their providers with automatic weapons for using such a benign substance.

  6. Very odd how Obama so quickly chose to change the Bush Administration’s directives about stem cell research, but marijuana is still to “controversial” to address?? I’m glad he did the former, but where do this country’s priorities lie, exactly? A plant, which has yet to kill a single person, and could hold a multitude of disease cures and treatments is still too “taboo.” Let’s get over this puritanical mindset and advance science and knowledge. Cannabis was once the most-used pharmacological substance and accepted by the AMA. What happened? Greed, -that’s what. President Obama, please choose knowledge over ignorance! Take a stand against special interests who fear cannabis only because it will cut into CEOs’ bottom line.

  7. I just tried to send your message to President Obama and it would not let me send it until I changed the “subject heading”.
    It was only after I deleted the word “marijuana” was I allowed to send it through. Did anyone else have this problem?

  8. I am hoping that MPP can do a story regarding the 1988 Marijuana Rescheduling Petition to the US Department of Justice. We consistantly talk about the medicinal uses of marijuana yet we still have no movement from the Federal Government to reschedule the plant. The Schedule I classification specifically states thath there are no accepted medical uses of the drug, yet there are years and years of data to the contrary. The US Government currently provides medical marijuana to 5 US citizens. If they are doing this (one patient receives 11 ounces every 25 days) then how can they continue to say that there is no accepted medical uses? This court case even dealt with the saftey of the drug. It explains that all drugs have a ratio to which their use can result in death. With respect to marijuana, researchers were unable to give animals enough marijuana to induce death. They could only hypothesize that a person would have to injest 1,500 pounds of marijuana in a fifteen minute time span to induce a lethal response. 1,500 POUNDS in 15 minutes?!?!

    Please take the time to read through the ruling for yourself:

    I hope that someone there at MPP can find out why this ruling was never enforced. The decision of the Administrative Law Judge is clear:

    “Based upon the foregoing facts and reasoning, the administrative law judge concludes that the provisions of the Act permit and require the transfer of marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II. The Judge realizes that strong emotions are aroused on both sides of any discussion concerning the use of marijuana. Nonetheless it is essential for this Agency, and its Administrator, calmly and dispassionately to review the evidence of record, correctly apply the law, and act accordingly.”

    The judge said that the provisions of the Controlled Substances Act “permit and REQUIRE the transfer of marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II.”


  9. Michael’s account of Judge Young’s ruling is entirely accurate. Unfortunately, an administrative court ruling is only considered as “advisory” and an agency has authority to not follow it for any reason they see fit.

    Sadly, in this case, the DEA ignored the ruling because they simply didn’t like it.

  10. The actions of the DEA are a slap in the face to President Obama. I’m sure Bush is laughing his head off.
    Once Obama gets over the shock of what he has become, the president, he will begin to kick some ass on these scums.

  11. Aaron… should we flood Tom Daschle’s new office at HHS with questions concerning his opinion of Judge Young’s 1988 ruling? I also wonder how we can put pressure on him to compile medical and scientific evaluations of marijuana. I wonder because it looks as though the scientific and medical evaluations are binding upon the DEA. I realize that the recommendation for rescheduling is not binding upon the DEA, but if they have to accept the medical evaluation completed by the Secretary of HHS then how can they possibily keep marijuana as a Schedule I drug? If Tom Daschle says that there is an accepted medical use for treatment here in the US (again the US Government sends 5 citizens medical marijuana each month) is there really a way for the DEA not to rescedule it?

    I look forward to helping if I can!

  12. MPP should direct it’s fire on Nancy Pelosi. She needs to be reminded who her constituents are. If you’re from her district, get on the horn. Call her up and remind her that she works for YOU.

  13. Aaron,

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way…

    … but if CA is so screaming for change (and they are indeed), why is MPP wasting its time, energy and resources tilting at windmills in NV?

    2006 offered as good of an opportunity as this movement had, and Question 7 failed in a landslide. 2012 won’t be any better, and in all likelihood, will be a little worse. I know… I was there in 2002, and 2006. I don’t know what your polling data shows, but the establishment is getting less and less tolerant of MPP, and word around the campfire is that includes Gray and Associates.

    CA is where the action is at. Take the 2012 campaign to San Francisco, and forget about Las Vegas, once and for all.

  14. California is ready for this movement. The state of California is caught in a whirlwind of change. Legalization of gay marriage was acheived, admittedly shut down soon after, but achieved. This state is, for better or worse, one of the most progressive states in our country. I agree with Eddy, San Francisco in 2012.

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