Attorney General Reiterates Call for DEA to Back Off in Medical Marijuana States

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U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder reinforced the White House’s policy that federal resources shouldn’t be wasted raiding medical marijuana dispensaries that operate within state law yesterday in a Justice Department press conference.

You already know this, but considering that the DEA has conducted hundreds of these stupid raids over the past several years, this is a very big deal for medical marijuana patients and fans of compassion and sanity.

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  1. Let’s not rest on our laurels. I can’t emphasize this enough – the economic argument for cannabis law reform is now key, so if you want to show your support for the California bill (AB 390), send some cash to Arnie:

    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Office of the Governor
    State Capitol
    Sacramento, CA 95814

    Pass it on and post this everywhere!

  2. Notice the word, “Shouldn’t,” that word doesn’t restrict DEA or police agencies from conducting raids with federal resources. I voted for Obama and I’m starting to smell a rat here. I’m affraid we may never learn the exact reasons for recent and future raids.

  3. I’ve watched this several times, and still can’t find the spot where he says we are now safe from the feds.
    As long as the laws are still on the books they can be used as leverage to suppress any number of otherwise perfectly legal activities the government fears.If your opponent is a “criminal” it’s much easier to marginalize his position.
    That’s how they manage to steal all those houses .(confiscations)
    I, for one, will not feel safe ’til somebody says the federal government is no longer concerned with the subject of marijuana and then immediately signs a document to that effect.

  4. I can’t watch/listen to videos on my ancient but lovely computer, but wouldn’t be naive enough to believe they were official orders even if I could.

    Is there a written executive order to this effect? Where is it? What number is it?

    Isn’t it up to Congress to decide what the laws are?

    Barney Franks bill for legalization is still looking good to me.

  5. Everyone: The fact that Holder says it is American policy also works in our favor this way: The remaining 37 states who have not legalized medical marijuana (aw fuck – I hate that word) – medical cannabis will NOT have to worry about federal intervention, and that might actually ACCELERATE the nationwide movement to LEGALIZE cannabis. We would be the first country in the world to actually LEGALIZE cannabis. (It is NOT legal in Amsterdam, just tolerated). So AMERICA can actually claim GENUINE LEADERSHIP THAT BENEFITS THE ENTIRE PLANET with the legalization of cannabis!!!!!

  6. Obama could be making this statement.
    Since ending prohibition the Mexican cartels have become extinct. The border is now peaceful and safe.

  7. i just dont get why… Saltiva is Legal nd u can go nd buy it at the Head shop… nd ppl killd there selfs from doin it too.. i dont get why thats legal nd maijuana isn’t? marijuana is way safer then saltiva.

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