Attorney General Insists Medical Marijuana Not a Priority

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At a hearing discussing the controversy surrounding Operation Fast & Furious, which allowed numerous firearms to be transferred to operatives for Mexican drug cartels, the attorney general got some questions on another drug war problem: the crackdown on medical marijuana.

Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) asked Attorney General Holder if the Department of Justice intended to leave medical marijuana states alone as was promised in the Ogden Memo in 2009, as well as whether the recent crackdown in California on medical marijuana providers would be extended to other states.

Holder’s response was the same one that has been parroted by the administration again and again: medical marijuana is not an enforcement priority, given the department’s limited resources.

If that is true, what are the U.S. attorneys in California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Michigan doing? It seems as if they’ve been spending a lot of time and effort on a “low priority” lately.

Is Holder lying, or has he let the dogs at DOJ off the leash while he tries to explain why the federal government allowed guns to “walk” into Mexico that were later used to murder U.S. law enforcement agents?

Here is the clip:

8 responses to “Attorney General Insists Medical Marijuana Not a Priority”

  1. Is Holder lying, or has he let the dogs at DOJ off the leash while he tries to explain why the federal government allowed guns to “walk” into Mexico that were later used to murder U.S. law enforcement agents?

    Bingo. From the Obama administration’s perspective, the logic is this: Medical marijuana sufferers are stuck with us. Who else are they going to vote for? A Republican–like Gingrich, Romney, Perry, etc–is going to be tougher on medical marijuana.

    The Obama administration doesn’t have to target medical marijuana. They just have to let the Drug War bureaucrats (DEA, US Attorneys, State DAs, local narcotics units) pursue their own interests. And then their “hands are clean.”

    While this guy is the farthest thing from perfect, nominating Ron Paul as the Republican Presidential candidate would fix all of this very, very fast.

  2. The whole Obama administration is a SELLOUT..everything that was promised was not accomplished. He laughed at his base of “Pot Smokers” time for that piece of crap to get flushed..RON PAUL PEOPLE!

  3. Oh Mr. Ron Paul, of thee I sing. Mr. Paul will get my vote simply because his message doesn’t change with the political tide. I suspect many an American has had it up to here with business as usual. Both the democrats and the republicans have worn out their welcome with the American People. Finger pointing will not substitute anymore for actual fiscial responsibility. Time to bring in a change for the next four years and let’s just see what happens. The old farts of both entrenched political parties need to be let out to pasture and a new era of new thinking ushered in.
    Alcohol needs a competitor. America needs a choice. The alcohol monopoly has had over 70 years of absolutely no competition and has left a trial of death and addiction across America. Alcohol is very addictive, marijuana is only mildly addictive. Alcohol is toxic, it will kill you if over consumed. Marijuana is non toxic, it cannot ever kill you if over consumed. Alcohol numbs you. You can’t think straight, walk straight, speak straight, see straight or even piss straight after a few too many. Marijuana is different. You can’t die. No stumbling, slurred speech, double vision, violence…hell, you can even say your ABC’s, watch movies, read books and carry on intelligent conversations will using marijuana. So logic tell us to legalize marijuana and reinstate the prohibition of alcohol. All the narcs, police, courts, jails and rehabilitation folks will still have someone to arrest and harass then so everyone will be happier except the drinkers. But America will be healthier and no one gets laid off! What a great idea! Fewer auto accidents too! And the children will respect us for being honest for a change.

  4. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder knows he suck and tries to stick with his promise to the nine former Drug Czars and Head Administrators of the DEA.

  5. Eric Holder has killed more people than cannabis ever will. I hope these people that have allowed the suffering of innocent deserving patients, will be repayed 10 fold in this life or the next. This country needs a revolution or I fear the worst. We need justice and equality for everyone. We need you Ron Paul.

  6. As a nurse and a parent I know Legalization of Marijuana for several conditions of which my familyhave’ 1. My son is Schizo-affetive disorder. 2. My battle with cancer twice. 3. My Fiance’s intractable pain due to AS and is prescribed Oxycontin every twelve hrs with no decrease in pain , he suffers everyday and now is Classified as having “Bamboo Spine” He takes Embrel injections twice a week at this time. He is on Disability and receives Medicaid for these meds. It would be much less if they just assisted with Medical Marijuana. Myself and my son are both disabled and are on Medicare. This again would be much less if Marijauana was legalized. This is in much needed review. Please continue to contemplate what should be done.

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