Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative Qualifies for November Ballot

Jul 07, 2016 , , ,

On July 7, the Arkansas Secretary of State announced that Arkansans for Compassionate Care’s (ACC’s) medical marijuana initiative qualified for this November’s ballot. The measure, the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act, would allow seriously ill patients who have a certification from their doctor to obtain medical cannabis from nonprofit compassion centers. In addition, patients – or their licensed caregivers – could cultivate up to 10 cannabis plants at home provided they take steps to ensure it is secure. For a complete summary, please click here.ARCompassion logo

However, the measure is facing competition from a second initiative, and polling suggests that if both initiatives make the ballot, it’s almost certain that both will fail. Therefore, ACC is urging the competing campaign to end their signature drive and unite behind the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act.

If you wish to volunteer to help work towards reform, you can visit ACC’s webpage to sign up and get involved in this important effort. With your support, 2016 may be the year that voters approve medical marijuana in the Natural State.

11 responses to “Arkansas Medical Marijuana Initiative Qualifies for November Ballot”

  1. Thank you for your help, your belief in us as all volunteers and for helping us make the ballot! We couldn’t have done it without you.

  2. Thank you for all of the help that MPP has given to the volunteers behind medical marijuana in Arkansas. It will be known as Issue #4 on the November 2016 ballot. Now comes the education phase in the campaign, educating the voters and combatting all of the lies and false information that will be coming from the many ignorant ‘aginners’ coming out of the woodwork in the next few months.

  3. Thank you Arkansans For Compassionate Care and their awesome volunteer base, as well as MPP and many others for your unending sacrifice and support for the good people of the Natural State!

  4. Congratulations to all the diligent and hard working signature collectors.
    Great job.

    I fled Arkansas back in the early 70’s looking for and finding my better life here in northern California.
    Back in the day, all of us hippies thought pot would be legal by the mid 70’s.
    Gee, if only I had waited over 40 years I could vote for this.

    Good luck, Arkies.

    Get that other petition dismissed. Sure hope the waters don’t get muddied with typical and expected voter confusion.

  5. Since there are 3 on the ballot this year, there is a better chance we will get MM no matter, whether compassionate care, medical, or the whole thing including recreational measure that encompasses more than the other two. The additional benefit of the third by far surpasses the other two by releasing those in prison for weed charges (which reduces a rising prison population), and allows individuals to grow their own or use a dispensary and allows farmers to grow hemp as a crop again, which would fuel the economy here in the state! The third measure is best, since it gives more benefits to more people!

  6. If only the naysayers knew how much this would help people like me with several Autoimmune Diseases that cause chronic pain, they might consider this. I would love to be able to stop taking the many medications I’m on now that are wreaking havoc on my organs. This is natural~what’s so hard to understand about that? I also feel that it’s inhumane to withhold something from patients that would stop so much suffering, let it be our choice whether we want to use it or not.
    In my opinion, if it’s legal in one state it should be legal in all states. Why should I have to suffer daily just because I live in a certain state?
    Thank you MPP for everything you’re doing to try to help us and for all of your tireless efforts.

    • Yes I’m with you on that Candy.

      Pharma meds aren’t helping. They are eating a lot of our money and it’s making our health worse. People should have access to nature with peace of mind of not getting busted or sent to jail.

      Hopefully this BS will end soon!

    • In a state that seems to treat older and unwell people in a caring manner I don’t understand why my wife and I are consistently prescribed opioids and benzos which are detrimental to our health when cannabis actually helps. I would rather deal with pain, nausea, poor appetite, depression, anxiety, and limited mobility than take these poisons that, from experience, will destroy my life. My MD fired me due to positive drug test for THC. I can take their poisons only. Not fair. Why are people who claim to have Christian values so cruel? I take nothing and am virtually housebound because of their cruelty. I would like to have a mobile, active life, but this is denied me (and my wife of 21 years-even more so -almost bedridden) for “my own good”

  7. I lived in AR for 20 years and there’s no way those Baptist bible pounders won’t allow it. Even though just about everybody used it, you’d have to have to be in your grave up to your knees before they’d give it to you.

  8. Thank you so much for your support here in Arkansas for the AMCA. When we so desperately needed it, you came to the call. We had so many volunteers, and that was wonderful, but we really couldn’t have done it without your support. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, a million times over…Thank you!

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