Alzheimer’s Prevention Starts with Marijuana, According to British Journal

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Alzheimer's Disease includes reduced brain activity and function (red areas above), the result of years of accumulated damage. THC and CBD in marijuana seem to prevent this damage.
Alzheimer’s Disease includes reduced brain activity and function (red areas above), the result of years of accumulated damage. THC and CBD in marijuana seem to prevent this damage.

A paper published by the British Journal of Pharmacology suggests that the chemical compounds in marijuana likely prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and age-related dementia.

Chronic brain inflammation, oxidative stress, and intra-cellular dysfunction are the primary reasons why people develop these debilitating neurological diseases. The study found that both THC and CBD (the primary chemical compounds found in marijuana) positively affect nerve cell function in consumers, significantly reducing these harmful neurological conditions.

THC and CBD (called cannabinoids) tap into a primal, chemical signaling system in cells called “the endocannabinoid system.” The paper shows cannabinoids dampen inflammation, protect cells from oxidative damage, and promote cell health on a number of levels.

This paper echoes claims made in January by Gary Wenk, professor of neuroscience, immunology, and medical genetics at Ohio State University, that “if you do anything, such as smoke a bunch of marijuana in your 20s and 30s, you may wipe out all of the inflammation in your brain and then things start over again. And you simply die of old age before inflammation becomes an issue for you,”

The implications of marijuana’s medicinal effects on our brains are monumental, from not just a health perspective, but a financial one as well, for more than five million Americans with Alzheimer’s. One in three seniors will die with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, and Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the nation, costing the country about $203 billion in 2013.

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  1. As a 46 year marijuana user it would be telling if someone could research how many long term users never have these problems,,another study the VA hospitals and clinics could do,,but won’t.

    • I hold medical licenses and one of my companies sends me to the Alzheimer’s conventions to market our company’s services. There are usually many speakers there who have confirmed this first hand.

  2. Isn’t it telling that the federal gov’t has had a patent on THC since the early 2000’s for this very same benefits and medicinal properties. Looking ahead I can see the feds decriminalizing marijuana and then having growers sued for patent violations.

    Afterall, “In God We Trust” doesn’t include plants, but rather it’s all about money. I would also like to see studies on the rates of these diseases when comparing long-term marijuana users and those who have never used it.

  3. I find it odd that we old timers (46 years token) are not all dead. After all, Uncle Sam says we should be. But the truth is that I am very healthy. I run almost daily, I am not obese, I rarely miss work because of sickness. I do not drink alcohol but I do toke daily and often. I knew many years ago that someday science would tell us that pot is actually good for us…and glory be, they have. 46 years of being a criminal has paid off! Had I listened to our government and abstained from pot and drank alcohol instead I would look and feel much different today than I do…I might even be dead. Everyday we keep marijuana illegal is another day more Americans will die from alcohol abuse. Another day our college kids will overdose on alcohol. Another day some drunk will drive on the wrong side of the freeway. Another day of alcohol induced domestic violence and child abuse. Another day of stumbling around, slurring speech, falling down, peeing and puking in public. Another day of the alcohol industry’s monopoly on our lives. We simply have no choice. Give Americans a SAFER choice. If our government will not legalize marijuana then legalize it yourself for your own good. Tell Uncle Sam he can go to hell with his martini in hand. You really never needed his permission anyways, it is your life, your health.

    • Me too. I’ve been “token” now for 49 years, and I am in MUCH better health than most of my peers, don’t smoke tobacco OR drink alcohol, have an excellent driving record, have never been violent, even once, have been happily married for 30 years and have 2 wonderful young children. My life is truly A-OK, quite despite being a life-long pothead, or, perhaps, in part at least, BECAUSE OF IT!

    • Well…I think Alcohol can be healthy, Too (in reasonable quantities!) It thins the Blood and prevents Heart Attacks and Strokes. But-if you have a History of Alcoholism in yourself or your Family…then it’s best to abstain.) I think CBD and THC are probably Both important. Maybe take the CBD (extract or smoke Indica) in the AM, and the THC at night.

  4. The danger of “legalizing it yourself” is in becoming a Convict or inmate (your choice) behind the wall… inside The House of Pain…believe you me.

    Cannabis is legal in the free States of Colorado and Washington…with more coming!

    Why is cannabis illegal in your State?

    • Tobacco (cannabis coming to the New World with the Europeans), but they would have been MUCH better off, including MUCH more peaceful, if their sacrement had been cannabis instead.

  5. Why is there no actual data on Alzheimer’s rates with or without smoking pot by now? Pot smoking has been popular in this country since the mid 60s in this country so you would think it would be easy to conduct some sort of observational study, as a lot of those people are in their 60s by now.

    • It used to be thought (mostly by prohibitionists, who no doubt invented that lie to help sell their prohibition) that cannabis might CAUSE Alzheimer’s, but like so MANY things related to cannabis, what the authorities have been telling us has been a LIE.

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  7. Great News as a Holistic MD. and Scientist for 35 years + , A Cannabis user for 45 plus years , We know from the research now that the benefits of marijuana cannot be suppressed . AGREE esp. with what denbee said above ! I too am an alcohol survivor .and Thank God for this Miraculous Herbal Medicine !

    • Given the moral as well as scientific authority imbued in a physician, given your experience, and given your no doubt intimate knowledge of cannabis, we hope you will lend your voice… in better ways than this! …to help us legalize this miraculously useful weed from the bonds of our system of injustice… If you could find ways to speak out on the mainstream mass media, you could do us all a lot of good.

  8. I just now went to the British Journal of Pharmacology, having trouble finding the article. Anybody know which month the reference paper is in?

  9. I smoke marijuana for about 45 years. Now I am in the 60 and I don’t have any health problem; people don’t believe I am with 60 years old. I feel very young and full of energy. I think I did the right thing in breaking the law to smoke cannabis all this years. Thank you God to show me the right thing to do.

    • I think we ALL did the right thing to snub our noses at authority, which in the US is stupid beyond the pale. We didn’t necessarily know 50 years ago that cannabis would be SO benign, but we were always aware that there was NEVER any evidence of harm. So to some extent we were lucky, but to an even greater extent, we made a WISE CHOICE.

      In so MANY way, the US government is evil… It does evil, and no matter how clear and convincing the evidence against prohibition, the government continues on its merry way… destroying thousands and millions of lives on its way.

      There can be only ONE SOLUTION:


  10. I only wish you’re comments were more lucid! Don’t think of you are stupid…BUT…make
    a/your point?

  11. Does anyone have any information on what type of Marijuana, including the ratio of THC to CBD, is most effective for Alzheimer’s?

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