Act NOW to add whole plant to Minnesota’s medical cannabis program

May 17, 2020

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Act NOW to add whole plant to Minnesota’s medical cannabis program

Ask Senate leadership to put patients first.

Exciting news! The Minnesota House included a provision to allow raw, whole plant medical cannabis in its version of the Health Policy Omnibus bill.

But the only way for this provision to make it past the finish line is if the Senate concurs. With only one day left to pass bills, we need you to contact Senator Michelle Benson (R) and Senator Paul Gazelka (R) NOW to concur with the House and put #patientsfirst.

You use our free advocacy software to send a quick email to both senators here. Then, consider following up with a call to Sen. Benson at 651-296-3219 and to Sen. Gazelka at 651-296-4875. To make a public plea, Sen. Gazelka’s Twitter handle is @paulgazelka and Sen. Benson’s is @SenatorBenson.

Be sure to be polite and respectful. We want to persuade, not alienate, Senate leaders. And consider sharing your personal experience if this bill would help you or a loved one.

Minnesota is one of only two medical cannabis states that forbid cannabis in its natural, flower form. This drives up costs, threatens the financial viability of cannabis businesses, and deprives patients of access to the form of medicine that works best for many.

The medical cannabis provision was offered by Rep. Pat Garofalo (R) and adopted with bipartisan support. The Senate can either concur (agree and pass the bill as amended, with the provision adding raw cannabis) or go to conference committee to remove the provision.

If you want to see this provision become law, call Sen. Benson and Sen. Gazelka as soon as possible and ask them to put #patientsfirst and concur with the House! Then, spread the word to other compassionate Minnesotans.

Many thanks to our friends at Sensible Minnesota for leading the charge on this effort!