A Cancer Survivor

May 12, 2009

Bruce Mirken, cancer, Medical Marijuana

Last November, I mentioned here that I'd undergone treatment for prostate cancer  -- implantation of 85 tiny, radioactive seeds designed to zap the tumor before it zaps me. I'm happy to report that, six months later, it seems to have worked, according to the latest lab tests. Though the risk of recurrence never goes away entirely, I'm as close as one can be to being an official cancer survivor.

Endless thanks to all who sent kind thoughts. And since someone is bound to ask: No, I didn't ever need medical marijuana. My treatment was happily quite low-impact: no chemo, no nausea, no hair loss, etc. I almost feel like I should refer to it as Cancer Lite, it was so comparatively easy. 

But the point I made last November still remains. If I had needed medical marijuana, that decision should have been between me and my doctor. Cops and politicians have no place in medical treatment decisions.