Long live Measure 26!

Mar 12, 2021

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Long live Measure 26!

Our hard work paid off. Earlier this week, the South Dakota House of Representatives rejected House Bill 1100, which means Measure 26 will take effect on July 1 exactly as voters approved it last November.

To each supporter who sent an email, called their legislators, or attended a cracker barrel — THANK YOU! This was a truly remarkable victory. We took on the political establishment of South Dakota, and the strength of our numbers prevailed. 

We now must turn our full attention to defending Amendment A. On Wednesday, our legal team filed their first round of arguments with the South Dakota Supreme Court in the appeal to overturn Judge Klinger's previous ruling. We remain confident that the law — and the integrity of South Dakota's ballot initiative process — will be upheld.

We don't like to keep asking, but this legal fight was never part of the campaign budget, and we need your help to cover the costs associated with the lawsuit. If you are able, please contribute any amount you can to the MPP Foundation South Dakota Legal Defense Fund. All donations are tax deductible. Please use this link to donate:

There is more work ahead of us, but we won a major battle this week. We are grateful to all of you for your commitment and tireless advocacy. Working together, we will continue to defend sensible marijuana policies and the will of the voters. 

Thank you.