Hawaii legalization and decriminalization bills clear Senate vote

Mar 11, 2021

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Hawaii legalization and decriminalization bills clear Senate vote

Ask your state lawmakers to legalize cannabis this year.

Exciting news! Earlier this week, two crucial cannabis bills passed the Hawaii Senate.

The first measure, SB 767, would legalize cannabis and allow licensed businesses to cultivate, produce, and sell cannabis products. SB 767 passed the full Senate in a 20-5 vote. Under the bill, personal use and possession of cannabis would no longer be a crime and adult home cultivation of up to three mature plants would be allowed. The bill also charges the state Department of Health with crafting rules around business licensing and retail sales. However, the law wouldn’t take effect until the year 2137 and doesn’t address equity or expungement. We are calling on lawmakers in the House to strengthen the bill and call SB 767 for a vote.

Let your lawmakers know you want them to pass legalization this year.

SB 758, which would increase the decriminalized possession threshold from three grams to one ounce, also cleared the Senate in a 24-1 vote. SB 758 also now heads to the House for consideration.

Both bills’ futures are uncertain as they could face tough battles in the House. Gov. Ige also appears to be generally unsupportive of legalization. But every step forward brings us closer to the day when cannabis prohibition ends in Hawaii. And every respectful call and email lawmakers receive in support of legalization helps move them in the right direction. As both bills progress, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.