Washington Post Supports Ending Criminal Penalties for Marijuana Possession

Oct 29, 2013 , , , , ,

Last Sunday’s Washington Post included an editorial supporting civil fines for marijuana use, particularly in D.C. The article comes after a similar proposal to the D.C. Council and support from Mayor Vincent Gray. washintonpostThe proposal would remove criminal penalties associated with possession of up to one ounce of marijuana and replace them with a civil fine. After considering public opinion polls, a report by the ACLU, and criminal justice statistics, the Post agrees: possessing marijuana should not make you a criminal.

An all-around better policy, long championed by District lawyer Paul Zukerberg, would be to slap small-time users with a civil fine, which is a measured way to send a message that the government does not condone or tolerate marijuana use. No one’s life would be permanently marred by getting caught with a joint.

Of all the official reactions to changing mores on marijuana, decriminalization is the best.

While we know that simple decriminalization will not solve the problems caused by keeping the marijuana market illegal, the fact that such a major newspaper is coming around is a sure sign of progress.

5 responses to “Washington Post Supports Ending Criminal Penalties for Marijuana Possession”

  1. I am a victim of this drug war. A drug war declared on otherwise law abiding citizens by our own government! That in itself stinks like fascism!
    Now you open the doors to corruption i.e. stealing American citizens property, bribes from the immense profits the criminal element controls, breaking up families, stealing your money and being treated as if you’re a murderer.
    Yep. You get arrested for cannabis, you will be treated like a hard core criminal. Instead of going after real criminals, law enforcement is more concerned with pot smokers. I know, I’ve been persecuted and oppressed over the years for smoking cannabis. forty- five years to be exact. I’ve witnessed prosecutors with the same mentality as a raging Roland Freisler. That stinks like fascism! This too, in America, I mean amerika…
    I worked ever since I was a kid, starting with a paper route and a dish washer in a dinner. Joined the Navy at seventeen and worked the rest of my life till my motorcycle accident thirteen years ago. And I smoked weed the whole damned time too, and I mean hardcore smoking, everyday and never running out. I never turned into some lazy couch potato, in fact I would outshine everybody at work, becoming the best at whatever I put my mind and heart into.
    I think it’s time to legalize growing, selling and using cannabis. At this point in time, I cannot in my heart accept decriminalizing cannabis, although in some cases we may have no choice. It’s been a long and hard war. I’ve been a victim of this long and difficult struggle since the beginning when the criminal nixon declared war on Americans over this wonderful plant that kills no one!
    The movement is growing, snowballing if you will. They can’t stop it now, their lies are no longer accepted, how foolish they look for even perpetrating these lies. Just a matter of time now before we will finally see an end to this useless war on American citizens.

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