Supporting Black History Month

Feb 06, 2023

Black advocates, Black business ownership, Black History Month

Supporting Black History Month

This Black History Month, the Marijuana Policy Project proudly recognizes the countless achievements and immeasurable perseverance of Black Americans. As we honor the history of Black Americans, we must also seek to advance policies that address systemic racism and reform our criminal justice system. That includes ending cannabis prohibition.

At MPP we understand cannabis laws have frequently been fought in tandem with civil rights in an effort to make the United States a more free and fair country. At our core, we are staunchly opposed to the unfair treatment the criminal justice system has historically placed on Black Americans in relation to arrests and imprisonment resulting from cannabis prohibition.

The war on cannabis and its relation to the Black community has been a longstanding issue — one that has for decades been used as a motive to target and incarcerate communities of color. Despite Black and white Americans using cannabis at equivalent rates, the enforcement of cannabis laws have been anything but equivalent — with Black Americans far more likely to be arrested and convicted for simple possession. 

MPP is committed to addressing the racist and destructive policies of prohibition and to legalizing cannabis equitably. We strive to recognize, support, and celebrate Black Americans and will continue to fight for those who have been unfairly disenfranchised by cannabis prohibition.

We encourage our supporters to honor Black History Month this year by supporting Black-owned cannabis businesses across the country and acknowledging the work of Black Americans in the cannabis space. On that note, MPP is spotlighting some of the most influential Black folks in cannabis. Thanks to their selfless efforts, they have helped to better the cannabis industry and create paths towards a more equitable future.

Al Harrington


Dawsheeda Dawson

Eugene Monroe

Hope Wiseman

Kim Napoli

Roz McCarthy

Tahir Johnson