Rob Kampia Departs MPP

Dec 30, 2017

MPP co-founder, former executive director and recent director of strategic development Rob Kampia has departed MPP and its board. This decision was the result of a deliberative process that lasted several weeks. Kampia plans to launch a cannabis policy reform consulting firm in the near future.

3 responses to “Rob Kampia Departs MPP”

  1. Please help Kentucky legalize medical marijuana we need it here for people who have depleting illness and cancer please give us a choice to take opioids pills or medical marijuana we deserve a choice instead of having pills and no other choice we have rights also and it seems like they are taking our choice away that’s not right

  2. Amen Heather Jackson!
    It is CIMINAL AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL to control a supposedly Free People in this way. Whatever happened to “Do No Harm” , a Government By-and-For-the-People ” and the unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and a reasonable Pursuit of Happiness?!
    Keep up the Good Fight Rob!!!

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