Our Best Opportunities for Cannabis Policy Reform Wins This Year

Jan 18, 2024

2024, Florida, Hawaii, legalization, medical cannabis, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota

Our Best Opportunities for Cannabis Policy Reform Wins This Year

The cannabis legalization movement took major strides forward in 2023, with three more states legalizing adult-use cannabis and one more approving medical cannabis. Now we have our sights set on more promising cannabis policy reform opportunities in the months ahead. Lots of state legislatures are reconvening, and with hundreds of thousands of people still being arrested for cannabis every year, we need to stand up and double down on our mission to end cannabis prohibition nationwide. If we’re able to gather the necessary resources to sustain robust advocacy efforts, these are some of the key states where we have the best shot to secure more victories in 2024!

On the legalization front, there are several states that are on our radar. Efforts to legalize adult-use cannabis are underway in Hawaii, New Hampshire, Florida, and South Dakota. In South Dakota, activists are hopeful to make another attempt at legalizing cannabis for adult use via the 2024 ballot. In Florida, signatures have been submitted to place the question of adult-use legalization on the 2024 ballot, although the initiative is tied up in court. Meanwhile, we are engaged in a legislative push for cannabis legalization in Hawaii and New Hampshire, two states that have become islands of prohibition in recent years as surrounding states have successfully legalized cannabis. Activists are also laying the groundwork in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, which are all possible prospects, but will likely be a multi-year effort.

There are also a handful of states that are poised to make progress regarding medical cannabis legalization. In South Carolina, a medical cannabis legalization bill will start where it left off in 2023, awaiting a Senate floor vote. Similarly, a medical cannabis bill in North Carolina will pick up in 2024 where it left off — awaiting action by the House of Representatives. In Wisconsin, Republican legislative leaders suggested they may move on medical cannabis this year, but action has been slow to materialize. In Nebraska, patient advocates and community leaders are regrouping after a series of setbacks in recent years and charging ahead with another effort to let voters decide the fate of medical cannabis on the 2024 ballot.

The MPP team has the experience and policy knowledge to help get these efforts across the finish line, but we’re counting on your support to keep driving our movement forward. Chip in today to sustain our work to change laws and change lives state by state!