MPP is Raising Funds to Launch the Cannabis Justice Fund

Nov 12, 2023

Cannabis Justice Fund, Giving Tuesday

MPP is Raising Funds to Launch the Cannabis Justice Fund

Celebrating Giving Tuesday – All November Donations Matched!

Each year, the last Tuesday of November is designated as “Giving Tuesday”, an international day of philanthropy to recognize the importance of supporting charities and nonprofits bringing positive change to the world. 

As Giving Tuesday 2023 approaches on November 28, we're excited to announce that generous donors have pledged to match every dollar donated by Giving Tuesday, aiming to raise a total of $20,000. These funds will launch the Marijuana Policy Project Cannabis Justice Fund, supporting our mission to secure just and humane cannabis policies nationwide.

This generous matching commitment means that every contribution this month will be doubled

giving donors the opportunity to make twice the difference as the fight to end cannabis prohibition continues. You can double your impact by chipping in right now.

The MPP Cannabis Justice Fund

The legalization movement has made incredible strides in recent years, but the failed approach of prohibition continues to inflict harm and injustice on a massive scale across the country. Cannabis is still illegal for adults in more than half of the states, and the FBI annual crime report revealed that over 250,000 people were arrested in 2022 alone for marijuana offenses. 

At the same time as the legal cannabis industry reports revenues in the billions of dollars, millions of Americans are living in fear of arrest, imprisonment, loss of employment, and other severe collateral consequences of enforcing prohibitionist policies. We refuse to stand by as the criminalization of cannabis continues to oppress Americans – particularly individuals and communities of color that have been disproportionately impacted.

Launching the Cannabis Justice Fund will significantly boost our capacity to advocate for policies that expunge convictions, reduce arrests and police encounters, invest in jobs and education, and provide robust access to opportunities for all Americans to benefit from legalization. Together, we can build a legal cannabis reality where no one is left out or left behind.

Double your donation by giving today and support the urgent priorities of MPP and the Cannabis Justice Fund.