MPP Continues Making Progress in 2018!

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Here’s a quick run-down of some of the progress MPP has made so far in 2018:

CONGRESS — In March, MPP helped coordinate the congressional advocacy effort that succeeded in renewing the federal policy that prevents Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department from interfering in state medical marijuana programs. This is an extremely important protection for patients and caregivers across the country.

VERMONT — Years of MPP-led advocacy work in the Green Mountain State yielded a major victory in January, when the legislature became the first ever to enact a marijuana legalization law legislatively (as opposed to a ballot initiative). We continue to work in Vermont with the goal of passing a law next year that will allow regulated and taxed sales (the current law only allows possession and home cultivation).

SOUTH CAROLINA — MPP, working with allied patients and loved ones, is maintaining an aggressive push for medical marijuana in the state legislature. Our bill was recently sent to the Senate floor, and we now have majority support in the House, leaving us well-positioned for passage in 2019.

MASSACHUSETTS — After winning the 2016 ballot initiative campaign and defending the law from political interference in 2017, we have remained engaged in the year-long implementation process in the Bay State. MPP has also been pushing back against local marijuana business bans. As a result of MPP’s work in Massachusetts, the licensing process for marijuana businesses just started, and the first adult-use marijuana stores in New England will open later this year.

CONNECTICUT — Since last year, MPP has led the advocacy effort to legalize and regulate marijuana in Connecticut. Last Thursday, for the first time ever, a committee approved a legalization bill, sending it to the full House.

MPP is also playing a leading role in two ballot initiative campaigns:

MICHIGAN — The Michigan marijuana legalization campaign is leading in the polls, but might face a well-funded opposition campaign. You can donate directly to the Michigan campaign here.

UTAH — The Utah medical marijuana campaign is supported by over 70% of Utah voters, but still needs to finish its signature drive. You can donate directly to the Utah campaign here.

There is no shortage of work ahead in 2018 but, with your support, MPP can and will continue to win. Thank you for your commitment to the Marijuana Policy Project mission.

4 responses to “MPP Continues Making Progress in 2018!”

  1. Looks like GA will continue stalling, meanwhile the Ill gets sicker. Thanks Home State of GA for not helping again. Its time to remove the sludge and vote for people who will help.

  2. Please help Kentucky legalize medical marijuana we need it and it not be shelved that is another way of putting it off we need it tried of waiting the stupid people to get off there ass and do there jobs what they are paid to do there is enough information out there they are ignoring it not fair who needs it.

  3. Please help North Carolina people are suffering with opiate and scheduled drug laws we are in need of something to reduce pain, anxiety and insomnia. The overdose rate is ridiculous we need an alternative that is safe. Please show your support for change.

  4. Please help Virginia pass to legalize marijuana for adults. It relieves my pain from fibromyalgia. With all my issues with nausea it is the only thing that helps. I do not like taking medications with all the chemicals. There are so many people worse than me that needs it. My Sister is dying from cancer and it would surely help her. Keep up the good work. I will be watching. Thank you.

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