Louisiana Legislature will hear criminal justice cannabis bills this week!

Apr 25, 2022

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Louisiana Legislature will hear criminal justice cannabis bills this week!

Legislature to debate and vote on 17 bills!

Cannabis policy reform is on the move in Louisiana!  

Last week, seven bills to improve Louisiana’s medical cannabis program passed through committees without any objections. Those bills are scheduled for floor votes this week. Committee hearings this week will focus on criminal justice reforms.

Ask your state rep to support bills to expand the victory we achieved last year with decriminalization.

The Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will hear four important cannabis-related bills — expungement, excluding certain cannabis convictions from the habitual offender penalty enhancements, and decriminalization of cannabis paraphernalia for medical and adult use. A complete look at the schedule for this week can be found here.

Also this week, two legalization bills will be heard in the Judiciary Committee.

Now is the time to engage your legislators. The session is in high gear, and they need to hear from constituents. Pressure from constituents is the best method to get legislators to support cannabis reform in Louisiana. Here are some helpful hints for lobbying at the capital.

We will alert you this session as cannabis bills continue to move in the legislature. You can view a synopsis of pending legislation here. Be sure to share this with your friends and families in Louisiana!