Kentucky Medical Marijuana Bill Approved by House Committee

Feb 28, 2014

AIDS, Cannabis Compassion Act, HB 350, House Health and Welfare Committee, Kentucky, Louisville, Mary Lou Marzian

The Kentucky House Health and Welfare Committee made history today when it voted 9-5 in favor of HB 350, the “Cannabis Compassion Act.” This is the first time a Kentucky legislative committee has ever voted to approve an effective medical marijuana bill.

If you are a Kentucky resident, please contact your representatives and senators today and urge them to join this committee in standing up for patients!

[caption id="attachment_7360" align="alignright" width="135"]Mary-Lou-Marzian Rep. Mary Lou Marzian[/caption]

Sponsored by Rep. Mary Lou Marzian (D-Louisville), a registered nurse, HB 350 would provide safe, legal access to medical marijuana for patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. Qualifying patients would be able to possess up to three ounces at a time and grow up to 12 plants per patient. The bill would also establish safety compliance facilities and would permit one medical marijuana compassion center for every 100,000 residents to ensure safe and reliable access for patients.