Idaho: Call Gov. Little and ask him to veto SB 1110

Apr 15, 2021

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Idaho: Call Gov. Little and ask him to veto SB 1110

Call (208) 334-2100 and ask the governor to protect the ballot initiative process.

The Idaho Legislature recently sent SB 1110 to Gov. Little’s desk. By creating extremely burdensome requirements for the signature gathering process, the bill is designed to effectively strip Idahoans of their right to initiate laws through the ballot process.

If SB 1110 is enacted into law, it will be extremely difficult to reform Idaho’s cannabis laws through a future ballot initiative.

Call Gov. Little’s office right now and deliver this simple message: “I urge Gov. Little to veto SB 1110.” Here’s the number to dial:

(208) 334-2100

Once you make the call, please forward this message to as many of your friends and family as possible and ask them to call, too. 

Thank you.