Happy Earth Day - check out the Sun+Earth mission!

Apr 22, 2019

In honor of Earth Day, we'd like to share a new certification initiative we're supporting in the cannabis space, which promotes the wellbeing of regenerative cannabis agriculture, farmers, human health, and the planet.

Today, in honor of Earth Day, a coalition of cannabis activists and organizationss has launched a new ethical, ecological cannabis certification called Sun+Earth.

Because federal prohibition does not allow cannabis farmers to certify under the USDA organic program or the Regenerative Organic Certification (due to federal prohibitions on use of the term “organic”), we’re forming a new not-for-profit regenerative cannabis certification organization: Sun+Earth. Sun+Earth verifies cannabis is grown responsibly, fairly, and regeneratively, without harmful practices to growers, workers, or Mother Earth.

Sun+Earth certifies cannabis that is grown under the sun, in the soil of Mother Earth, without chemicals by fairly­ paid farmers. Join us.

It’s estimated that cannabis will soon become a $50 billion a year industry. Both cannabis users and non­users alike realize that farming cannabis at this scale will have either a beneficial or detrimental impact on people and the planet.

Relatedly, a new, not-for-profit brand called Brother David’s will launch in early May as a brand platform to educate cannabis consumers about Sun+Earth certification.

  • Partnering with small-scale family farmers growing cannabis in a way that’s good for the land and good for people
  • 100% of profits go to support the land, lives, and community of family cannabis farmers practicing regenerative organic agriculture and towards ending federal prohibition
  • Sun+Earth certified = grown under the sun, in the soil, without chemicals, by fairly paid farmers

Good for the land, farmers, and you — all agricultural products should be grown this way.

Please check out and support these important initiatives in the cannabis space. Happy Earth Day from MPP!