Del.: Gov. Carney vetoes legalization bill; ask the legislature to override it!

May 24, 2022

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Del.: Gov. Carney vetoes legalization bill; ask the legislature to override it!

Ask your lawmakers to override the governor’s veto on HB 371

Today, Gov. John Carney (D) became the first Democratic governor to veto a cannabis legalization bill by vetoing HB 371 — a bill that would legalize possession of up to one ounce of cannabis for adults 21 and older in Delaware. Meanwhile, a supermajority of Delawareans support cannabis legalization.

Please join us in calling on the legislature to override the governor’s veto by emailing your lawmakers today!

Passing HB 371 will save thousands of Delawareans from police interactions and citations for simple cannabis possession. Ask your lawmakers to stand with a majority of Delawareans and override the governor’s veto on HB 371.

HB 371 passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate by supermajority votes: 26-14 in the House and 13-7 in the Senate. Twenty-five votes would be required in the House to override a veto, and 13 would be required in the Senate. Delaware legislators have until June 30, when the legislative session ends, to override the governor’s veto. Although the vote margins were large enough to override a veto, overrides are extremely rare in Delaware, so it’s crucial that legislators hear their constituents want them to override the veto.

Meanwhile, a separate bill (HB 372) that would legalize, regulate, and tax adult-use cannabis sales fell short of the needed 25 votes on the House floor last week. The bill sponsor, Rep. Ed Osienski (D), changed his vote from yes to no, which will allow him to have the bill reconsidered before the legislative session ends on June 30. 

The fight to bring legalization to Delaware continues! After your reach out to your lawmakers today, please share this message with your family and friends in Delaware.