Celebrating Women Who Blaze a Trail: Women's History Month & Cannabis Reform

Mar 06, 2024

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Celebrating Women Who Blaze a Trail: Women's History Month & Cannabis Reform

March is Women's History Month, a time to celebrate the incredible contributions of women throughout history. In the fight for cannabis policy reform, women have played a vital but often overlooked role.

Influential women across the country have been trailblazers through their activism and dedication towards advancing humane cannabis policies. They're working as entrepreneurs, budtenders, cultivators, and policymakers. They're mothers, educators, and patients who believe in the power of this plant.

We have seen women take the helm and begin to redefine what good business practices look like in the cannabis industry as it continues to expand. And yet, gender disparities within the cannabis industry remain evident. According to the 2023 report, “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Cannabis Industry,” women account for only 39% of cannabis executives.

Here at MPP, we recognize that the progress we’ve made so far wouldn’t be possible without the immeasurable contributions and leadership of women. We’ve witnessed firsthand how women in leadership positions can exceed expectations and influence positive change, and understand that legal cannabis can’t reach its full potential without the participation of women at every level. Women bring unique perspectives and experiences to the table, and their leadership is crucial for building a future where cannabis benefits everyone.

This Women's History Month, we honor the women who are working to create a more just and equitable cannabis industry. Join us in celebrating their work this month by:

  • Supporting women-owned cannabis businesses — look for dispensaries, brands, and cultivators founded or led by women.
  • Amplifying the voices of women in cannabis — share their stories, articles, and social media posts.
  • Educate yourself about the women shaping the cannabis industry — read articles, listen to podcasts, and follow women-led cannabis organizations on social media.
  • Advocate for policies that promote equity in the cannabis industry — this includes expungement for past marijuana offenses, access to capital for minority entrepreneurs, and diversity in licensing processes.

Let's empower these trailblazers who are building the future of legal weed.From ownership to leadership, women deserve a seat at the table.