Ask your senator to make sure New Hampshire ends prohibition this year

Apr 12, 2024

New Hampshire

On Thursday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 239-136 to send Rep. Erica Layon’s legalization bill (HB 1633) to the state Senate. Time and time again, the Senate has killed legalization. But this year, there is a window of opportunity to get it done.

Let your senator know that it’s past time the Live Free State lives up to its name.

Twenty-four other states, including all of New Hampshire’s neighbors, have already legalized cannabis for adults.

For the first time ever, New Hampshire has a governor who has said he’d sign a legalization bill — if it meets his parameters. Gov. Chris Sununu (R) isn’t running again, and the two Republican candidates are longtime prohibitionists. In case the window of opportunity closes, it’s vital that lawmakers seize the opportunity.

Write your senator and spread the word! Let’s make New Hampshire the 25th adult-use legalization state.