Don’t force legal cannabis consumers to pay for new county jailhouse in Pueblo County​

Oct 22, 2019

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VOTE NO on proposed county tax that would double current local cannabis tax rate

Election Day is Tuesday, November 5, and a measure appearing before Pueblo County voters would significantly hike retail cannabis tax rates. Measure 1B would raise local cannabis sales taxes from 3.5% to 6%, and a major part of that new tax is widely expected to pay for a new jailhouse.

If you reside in Pueblo County, please vote NO on Measure 1B. We don't need another tax on lawful cannabis consumers – especially to incarcerate more people.

The proposed new tax is estimated to raise $3.5 million each year from legal cannabis consumers, and much of it is expected to help pay for a planned new $140 million county jail. Many find the tax hike insulting and a sad return to using cannabis to fuel the criminal justice system. Quite simply, cannabis should not be used to lock people up, nor should cannabis taxes.

Many voters have already received their ballots by mail and have until November 5 to turn them in. Residents can register to vote through Election Day. If you plan to mail your ballot in, please do so this week. Don't delay! For a detailed rundown of the candidates, measures, and 24-hour drop-off locations and polling centers, click here.

If you are a Pueblo County voter, please VOTE NO on Measure 1B, and please pass this message along to your network in Pueblo.