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Senate committee says N.H. “isn’t ready” to end prohibition

In reality, cannabis legalization is more popular than any N.H. politician — email your elected officials and ask for their support!

Yesterday, New Hampshire’s Senate Judiciary Committee voted to send HB 481, the legalization and regulation bill, to “interim study.” This unfortunate outcome has been expected for several months, and advocates have already turned their attention to new legislation that will be considered in 2020.

Sadly, two members of the committee were quoted in The Union Leader saying that New Hampshire “isn’t ready” for legalization. This inaccurate perception persists in the Senate, despite polls showing that legalization is more popular than any politician in New Hampshire.

Please email your elected officials today and encourage them to support the 2020 bill to end cannabis prohibition in New Hampshire! Then, please share this message with your family and friends and urge them to do so as well.

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Tax and Regulate

N.H.: Senate presses “pause” on legalization

HB 481 won’t receive a committee vote until December, but we’re still working to pass bills to allow home cultivation and enable annulments for past convictions — contact your senator about the annulment bill today!

On Tuesday, New Hampshire’s Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously decided to postpone action on the legalization bill until later this year. Three of the five senators on the committee said they wanted to spend more time working on HB 481 and understanding the details before bringing it to a vote in the full Senate, so it’s clear that this is only a temporary setback. The committee will vote on the bill before the end of 2019, and it will come before the Senate in January 2020.

We are now turning our attention to two critical bills that need our help to get across the finish line. One very important bill, HB 399, would allow people who received misdemeanor possession convictions prior to decriminalization to apply to have their records annulled. It has already passed the House in a voice vote, and it passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. However, the committee vote was only 3-2 (Senators Shannon Chandley and Sharon Carson voted no), so victory remains far from certain.

No Granite Stater should have to be burdened with a criminal record for having possessed small amounts of cannabis prior to decriminalization. Please email your state senator today!

Meanwhile, the medical cannabis home cultivation bill will receive a final vote in the House on May 23, and we expect it to pass by an overwhelming margin. After that, it will proceed to Gov. Chris Sununu’s desk. Call Gov. Sununu’s office today and urge him to support HB 364!

Please share these important updates with your friends and family!

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