National Survey Shows Teen Use Dropping, Possible Substitution for Alcohol in Adults

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The annual National Survey on Drug Use and Health released Thursday by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that teen marijuana use rates decreased nationally in 2016. Past-month use rates among adults increased slightly, but alcohol use rates among all age groups decreased, indicating the possibility that adults are substituting marijuana for alcohol.

Past-month use rates for the 12-17 age group decreased by 0.5% from 2015 to 6.5% nationally in 2016. This is the lowest level of marijuana use in this age group since 2002. The data also shows a steady decrease since 2014, when the first states to make marijuana legal for adults began allowing regulated retail sales. The full report is available here.

“Critics of legalization worry about the message being sent to youth by marijuana policy reform efforts, but the real message is that marijuana should only be used by responsible adults, and it seems to be sinking in. Regulating marijuana for adults reinforces that message and creates effective mechanisms for making it more difficult for teens to obtain marijuana,” said Morgan Fox, senior communications manager for the Marijuana Policy Project. “Marijuana is objectively less harmful than alcohol, and regulation gives adults the legal option to choose the safer substance.”

5 responses to “National Survey Shows Teen Use Dropping, Possible Substitution for Alcohol in Adults”

  1. Although decreased alcohol consumption may be good for our society, it might not be for the legalization movement. Producers of alcoholic beverages are more likely to lobby against legalization if they think legalization hurts their sales. The tobacco industry has nothing to fear! I smoke more tobacco after getting high. So do lots of other people! Tobacco producers don’t seem to realize that. That’s very weird!

  2. I’m going to make it as simple as I can. Give the people what they want as long as it’s not causing death and chaos as alcohol does. Since marijuana is better for you than alcohol, why keep driving people to drink?

  3. I say legalize marijuana or make ALL mind-altering devices illegal, especially alcohol. Anything else is very hypocritical and we have enough phony reasoning these days.

  4. It looks like this barage of legislatures has on Marijuana is putting us in more danger than leaving it alone. I would rather drive knowing a person is on marijuana than alcohol. Anyone who keeps up with this topic knows what I mean. People on alcohol are much more dangerous, bellicose and difficult to deal with. People who use pot have no problems with almost all the side affects of alcohol. Why did we legalize such a dangerous drug and now are preventing the legalization of a much safer drug? I know the answer to that and it is ignorance and greed. It seems as the devil himself has something to do with Marijuana, but not alcohol. That is backwards.

  5. Please keep me informed. Hopefully here in fla, it’ll smooth out some. We have people that have ties to the pharmaceutical tornado, and they’re dropping big bucks to slow the process!

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