Vermont House Vote Expected on Bill Legalizing Possession and Cultivation

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The Vermont House of Representatives is expected to vote soon on H. 170, a bill that would eliminate penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana and a small number of plants. The bill is expected to pass the House Judiciary Committee next week, and then it will likely advance to the House floor, where the vote is expected to be close.

Please call or email your representatives today, and urge them to vote YES on H. 170.

As amended by the committee, H. 170 would eliminate penalties for adults 21 and older who possess one ounce or less of marijuana, two mature plants, and four immature plants — as well as the marijuana produced by those plants, if stored properly in accordance with the law. Possession of between one and two ounces would become a civil violation punishable by a fine.

This is a modest reform, but it would be an important step for the state to stop treating adults’ marijuana possession as a problem for the criminal justice system.

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  1. Vermont senate I commend that you on do the right thing for your state. Cultivation is so important because you can use this plant for the nutritional values it has. You can use even the highest THC plants in juicing and raw eating without the high but also get some of the highest concentration of micro and macro nutrients, omega 3 and 6, protein and all the terpenes that give cannabis its smells and taste. Cannabinoids that work together to put our bodies into homeostasis.

    We need to stop making consumers felons for using and providing this plant to patients and consumers. This is a civil and human rights issue and we need you all to do what is right for not only your state but this country. Here in Nebraska I have been told by senators and their aides that senators will lie to your face, stop posting about the bill being heard, and this year I made the comment to an aide that the senators job is to listen to the people. This aide told me she has been in congress for over 5 years and many of them do not care about what the people want and will press what they want to do. We even had a senator stand up in debates and say I have passed bad laws for Nebraska and I know everyone in this room has passed bad laws for Nebraska.

    I have included some of the information I have sent my own senators here in Nebraska. Cannabis needs to be deregulated all together and no one should have to register with the state, go through a back ground check, and social services needs to stay out of the cannabis business. They can not even keep our children save, here in Nebraska we have another sex scandal in DHHS.

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    Good luck Vermont

    Jane L Stanley AAS Science Technologies, Master Certificate Cannabis, Advocate/Activist, Minister

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