Virginia Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Expansion Bill

Mar 12, 2018 , , , , , , ,

Last Friday, Gov. Ralph Northam signed a bill into law expanding access for medical marijuana in Virginia. The law allows for practitioners to recommend CBD or THC-A oil for any condition they think would be beneficial to patients. Previously, only those suffering from intractable epilepsy could qualify for CBD or THC-A oil.

Additionally, the law allows any physician to recommend oil to his or her patients. Under the previous law, only neurologists and epilepsy specialists could give a recommendation for medical marijuana. HB 1251 is also considered emergency legislation and went into effect immediately.

We are excited about the many Virginia patients whose lives will be improved by this law.

6 responses to “Virginia Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Expansion Bill”

  1. Excellent news. Now if VA would only stop being such alcohol and tobacco supremacist bigots, and stop tilting the playing field in favor of those two killers and maimers and against far safer cannabis. I’m sure ready for some of that ‘liberty and justice for all’.

  2. As a vestibular patient with Bilateral Ménière’s disease I have tried marijuana in an attempt to reduce the diazepam I need on a daily basis. It just works, all aural fullness, nausea, vertigo, and some balance issues are restored. My constipation gets relief and I just feel healthier and can be with my Grand kids without the intolerance to loud noises, what more can I say, it works

  3. Thank you Governor. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I’m on my minutes on a daily basis. I do smoke marijuana and I find that it relaxes me and makes me sane again. I hope that the legalization of cannabis in the State of Virginia comes to a quick resolution.

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