House Committee Blocks Medical Marijuana Protection Amendment

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An amendment that would keep the Department of Justice from interfering with state medical marijuana programs was voted “out of order” by the House Rules Committee on Wednesday, preventing the House from including it in its version of the FY 2018 federal budget.

This amendment, introduced by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), would prevent the Department of Justice from spending any resources to target medical marijuana patients and providers in states where it is legal. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) introduced a similar budget amendment in the Senate, which was approved in a committee voice vote in July.

In 2014, Congress passed a similar amendment to an omnibus-spending bill. This amendment was subsequently renewed, but it now stands to expire on September 30 unless the Senate version of the budget is approved in a joint House/Senate conference committee or Congress fails to pass a budget.

If the amendment is not included in the budget or carried over, the Department of Justice will have nothing to prevent it from targeting state medical marijuana programs. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has repeatedly stated that he opposes marijuana being legal for any reason and in May sent a letter to Congress urging it to vote down the amendment and allow him to resume prosecuting medical marijuana providers.

MPP’s Don Murphy released the following statement:

When an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose federal interference in state medical marijuana programs, it is unconscionable not to let their Representatives vote on whether to continue this policy. Unless Congress chooses the Senate budget version, millions of seriously ill patients and the legitimate businesses that provide them with safe access to their medicine will be at risk of prosecution.

“This vote is a slap in the face of patients, their families, their elected representatives, and the 10th Amendment.

UPDATE: A federal budget deal has extended the medical marijuana protections until Dec. 8, but inclusion in the final budget for next year is still in danger.

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  1. The medical marijuana protections must be included in the final budget for next year. Too many lives are in need of this protection and for any of our representatives to continue to try to stop this from happening is reprehensible.

    Medical marijuana has been proven to benefit/help so many people and the majority of Americans want the states to be in control, not the Federal Government – please do everything to make that happen!

    Thank you sincerely,

  2. I am a chronic pain patient. You know that opiates is a national problem and it is also something I would rather not take if possible. My pain is unbearable and I would like the opportunity to try Medicinal Marijuana but it is illegal in my state. I believe that the side effects and implications are not any worse than the use of alcohol or legal pain meds. Not to mention the benefits the government will reap making it legal with taxes. PLEASE make medicinal marijuana legal in all states including mine in Missouri. God Bless America. Make America Great.

  3. We are both in the MAJORITY and in the RIGHT on the issue of cannabis legalization. We should, as I have been doing recently, make our views plain to our elected representatives, family, friends, and neighbors at every convenient opportunity. The truth is mighty, and will prevail. Yahweh be with you and yours. Amen and shalom.

  4. I’m the kind of guy that never wishes anything bad on somebody but Jeff session who repeatedly says he is against medical marijuana or marijuana being legalized in anyway hopefully he has a child or a family member who is in dire need that only medical marijuana can help then he’ll shut his mouth and maybe vote in the opposite direction for the government to spend Federal funding and my f****** hard earned cash and tax to pursue people who are illegally on medical marijuana and the companies who distribute legal marijuana a bunch of b*******all the problems and major drugs that are going on in the United States for the federal government to spend money to pursue people who are legally on marijuana for medical purposes is absolutely stupid and moronic try spending more time on solving the opioid issues that heroin is used cocaine issues the cartel issues instead of spending money on little people who need marijuana for medical purposes and our country may become a safer and better place but people like Jeff want to keep it going and keep opposing it and spending our money on things to be spent instead of spending it on to things that should be spent on I personally know a bunch of people that are on medical marijuana because of cancer seizures and so on and so forth who really need medical marijuana because it’s known one of the only things that helps them and medical marijuana helps in many more ways than just in pain it helps an appetite it helps in anxiety and depression maybe Jeff oughta try smoking some himself and maybe he’ll change his mind the even fight about medical marijuana when the states have legalized it the federal government needs to step down step out and get out of the business of trying to get people who are on medical marijuana legally by States and spend the money and time on things that are necessary like budgets and getting rid of cartels and crime I have many ailments myself and I take a whole lot of pills everyday and because those pills that I take I have no appetite I am depressed and have a hard time getting up and doing things I’m in pain constantly and constant skin irritations from my disability medical marijuana helps me in more ways than just one and it eliminates three different pills by using one substance marijuana if you can find a substance that does that then maybe we can talk but until then the federal government needs to step back shut the f****** and get out everybody’s

  5. I guess the people who vote have no say in anything anymore. America does not belong to the people, who vote on these agendas. Because of one persons belief everyone has to pay. It generates millions of dollars helps chronically ill. Alcohol should be out lawed it generates no funds but costs losts of money in deaths. People are being helped medically. Is Mr Sessions a doctor ? No hes just a poor politician who has too much time on his hands. Worry about world problems cultural problems hungry kids in America could benefit from som of those funds . State improvements. Mr Sessions will only be 1 term hopefully.

  6. Will there be a letter writing campaign about this soon? Linked to whoever the appropriate recipient(s) should be?
    We cannot sit idly by and let this go uncontested from our voices to the people who are supposedly representing us!!

  7. By allowing federal government to interfere with the MMPatients and their drs an outlets . You will cause added unnecessary pain an frustration to them . This may also cause good people to turn towards finding irreparable sources to get what they need to alleviate their pain . We ask that you keep it legal . So that good citizens will not be labeled as criminals . Thank you , Carolyn Maria Salyers

  8. I’ll never ever ever ever vote Republican again ! Trump lied and so did every sick backward minded racist discrimination because of every single Republican lying peice of garbage in this nation. I’m voting left wing and going to find everything I can about every republican candidate and destroy their political life. They are the reason the country is politically stuck on every issue except for jailing the country so everyone loses voting right. Bad enough they know their party and the DEA have brought the drugs in and still are to fund black projects. For gods sake it past time to give freedoms of any kind back. Screw me screw them pieces of human filth ❗️🇺🇸 I believe in the constitution, they swore a oath not to do what there doing. Slime

  9. …Sessions along with the DEA are in it only to protect big pharma and it’s massive profits. CBS cannabis is a known anti inflammatory that has zero detrimental side effects, unlike manufactured prescription medications. Addiction and overdose to prescription oipoids has resulted in an average of 10,000 or more deaths per year. In states where CBD is legal, prescription opioid use and sales have fallen. Even popular OTC meds like Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and Naproxin Sodium cause serious complications including liver disease, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney failure, brain disorders, and even cardiac arrest.

    Cannabis is an herb not a drug. CBD cannabis does not produce the euphoric “high” that THC rich cannabis does.

    Meanwhile the government allows the use of alcohol and tobacco, each which are highly addictive and cause serious health and social issues as well as more deaths per year than any other substance. Drunk driving alone kills and maims thousands of innocent citizens each year. While direct subsidies ended over a decade ago, the government still partially subsidises tobacco growers though crop insurance guarantees.

    • I totally agree with BC. It is time to vote out Republicans and Democrats who have no understanding of this and like issues and no ability to perform their jobs, including studying bills that speak to the needs of Americans.

    • I agree! No one ever has died from using Medical Marijuana, yet opioids kill thousands every year. I refuse to use opiates and NSAIDS. NSAIDS use by prescription damaged my liver and I won’t use them any longer. Medical Marijuana is the only thing that works for me without damaging me further. It has the ability to cure cancers, and is beneficial for relief of THOUSANDS of diseases or conditions without any bad side effects. It has saved the lives of countless children suffering from epileptic seizures, and specific strains have been bred with almost 0% THC but very high % of CBD’s, which are non-psycho-active and safe for children suffering epilepsy, cancers, brain disorders, stunted growth disorders and more.

      Countries world wide are now legalizing it’s use in medicine and more are studying further health conditions it has shown helpful of. Medical Marijuana is permitted for use by PTSD patients of the Veterans Administration because it works and has saved vets from suicide. This is real medicine in an herbal form, straight from Nature. It improves quality of life for those of us who would otherwise suffer greatly, it allows people to function and be human again.

      I for one have used it legally, as a card holder in the state where I reside, and have found so many of my health issues relieved using it. My brain tumor that most of was removed by open head surgery, yet the tiny piece the neurosurgeon couldn’t get out began to grow again and I had radiation to try to stop it. Later when I got my card and began using the very high CBD strains for several months, my next MRI showed the tumor shrinking greatly.

      When I tripped and fell last year, breaking the head off and displacing above the joint of the ulna bone in my elbow, I needed surgery right away, but wasn’t able to until two weeks went by, instead of opiates and anti-spasm drugs prescribed by my orthopaedic surgeon after surgery, I was able to properly dispose of those drugs and instead use Medical Marijuana to control pain, without any of the bad side effects that opiate drugs cause. My elbow/bone surgery healed quicker and I was able to get almost full functionality and use of my arm back. And in the past, I have gone under major surgery with absolutely no anesthesia, only using medical marijuana and self-hypnosis techniques learned in bio-feedback training/therapy. Not only does this work, I can attest to it, with no side effects. That surgery was for lumpectomies in my breasts. As indicated previously, Medical Marijuana is a profoundly valuable medicine. I have numberous conditions to my health, all of which I find Medical Marijuana is the best and healthiest choice in treating and medicating, and I swear my life on it.

  10. Please leave medical marijuana alone, its helping millions of Americans with PDS, Cancer, sleep disorders, anxiety issues , arthritis , any more medical conditions. It works and has no side effects.


  12. The Republicans don’t care about people, this is just another examples of them working for the big corporations instead of the people they are suppose to work for! I think they all should be fired for not doing their job. I am sick of paying them, paying 75% of their healthcare as they try to take our healthcare away, they want to cut Medicare and SS, which is our money not the governments! And gin, we pay for their pension which is much better than my SS. It is a shame the Republicans have become so inhumane and cruel because they are greedy and corrupt. I pray they get voted out, especially Ryan, McConnell, Cruz, and a few more really bad ones. Republicans used to have good values and scruples but now they are corrupt, lying, deplorable FAKE Christian monsters.

  13. This should be left to the states and the federal government should not interfere. I am sick and tired of lobbying to promote self profits. This certainly does not help the average person. I would like to see lobbyists banned from interfering with politicians and government. Don’t let federal officials dictate what has proven beneficial to sick individuals and with the potential to stop the opoid epidemic in our country. I have never used illegal drugs or smoked but I think something that poses no threat to human life is much more valuable than selling more prescriptions or allowing illegal drugs to run our health.

  14. As a person who was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2013 and MS in 2016 life has not been pleasant for me to say the least. The most disturbing part of it all is that the medications for Crohn’s, which was given as an infusion (Remcaid and Humira) caused the MS and lesions on my brain which was stated by my gastro and neuro doctor’s. I decided to go to a better hospital that was supposed to have more knowledge about my complicated situation. I had to be tested for a virus called the (John Cunningham Virus) which had to be negative in order to receive another infusion that was suppose to treat both MS and Crohn’s called (Tysabri) In both cases, two different hospitals I told them for 8 months that I felt something else was going on in my body and it wasn’t just Crohn’s and they blew me off and told me I needed to continue the treatments. During the Tysabri treatments I felt even worse and the second hospital that was suppose to be superior in knowledge and have cutting edge technology and treatment failed me as well. I told them for months as well that I was feeling worse and not better and again I was told to continue taking the infusion. By the grace of God, I was blessed and I will explain why I say this. I showed up at my appointment for the 6th or 7th infusion and one of the nurses approached me and asked me if I had been given a test result concerning my Anemia and did I know my red blood cell count had dropped dangerously low. I told her no and that no one even contacted me regarding the result and the results were at least 3 weeks old. She asked me did I want to go ahead with the infusion and if I didn’t she would understand until we could get more clarity on the situation. She called my gastro doctor and he said tell her to go ahead and take the infusion. I let the nurse know that I wasn’t comfortable taking the infusion at that time and I wanted to speak with my hematologist which is located at a completely different hospital. She got back on the phone and told my gastro doctor what I had decided and he said “let her know that she needs to give us notice in advance if she isn’t going to take an infusion because it cost a lot of money”. The crazy thing in his comment was this, how was I suppose to inform you before hand if I just received seriously delayed test results the day of my infusion where I had to make a judgement call on protecting my life. I left that day without taking the infusion and I scheduled and appointment with my hematologist which put things on hold for about 2 weeks. During this period my gastro doctor decided to test me for the (John Cunningham Virus) again and guess what happened, the result now showed that I was positive for this virus which meant I couldn’t continue with the (Tysabri) infusion or have any other TNF agent drugs because it could cause another virus (PML) which is deadly and there is no cure or anything they can do for you once this happens. The virus is in everyone’s body it is just asleep but due to the treatments they were given me (Tysabri) it is now awake in my body. PML (Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy) is a virus that attacks the myelin sheath on the brain and If the immune system is weakened and the body is less able to fight an infection, the virus can reactivate and can be serious and potentially fatal. This is very scary especially since I am dealing with two autoimmune diseases. I currently have no other treatment options and I wouldn’t take anything else if I did. Some doctor’s don’t care about what these medicines are doing to people because they get all kinds of perks for prescribing them. I have been waiting for Indiana to come up with a Medical Marijuana plan for a long while now especially since so many other states are making this option available for their patients. I was used as a guinea pig and I trusted these doctors and the health care system has seriously let me down. I feel that most doctors today just want a pay check and they are not concerned with the Hippocratic Oath nor following it when treating their patients. I do have a few wonderful doctors and they were really hard to find but I believe that God and my Guardian Angels put them in my life as a reminder to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they give you a reason not to. I refuse to be a guinea pig any more because I value my life even if some doctors are only concerned with lining their pockets with money. I believe Medical Marijuana should be an option for treatment because it is safer than man made manufactured drugs that they are pumping into millions of people every day that will end up like me, with more health issues than they started with or dead and the really sad thing is they make you sign a paper so they are not held accountable if something horrible does happen to you. I am currently trying to manage my health on my own as far as treatment for Crohn’s and MS and I am working with the doctors who truly care for me at this time to manage the symptoms caused by those who could care less if I live or die. I would love to have the opportunity to work with the MPP and help spread the word about how important it is to give millions of people like myself and those with other condition’s a chance to choose a natural treatment option. Scientific research has proven that Marijuana is a very effective treatment for Crohn’s and MS and many other diseases that affect so many people every day who just want relief. I pray Indiana catches up with the rest of the world and steps out of their Draconian state of mind.

  15. It is heartless to make Cannibis illegal for medical purposes. It lessons the pain for thousands and is an herb,so it is natural. But you subsidize tobacco, which is known to kills people. I think something that harms people should be outlawed and not something that alleviates pain and suffering.

  16. Does seem odd that the consumption of tobacco and alcohol are accepted and encouraged via advertising though both have a long track record health-wise and its not positive from any angle.

    While a plant that’s been utilized for thousands of years in homeopathic medicine without having stopped us from prospering is banned.

    Things should reversed.

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