Georgia Considering Medical Marijuana Improvement Legislation

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Yesterday, Georgia lawmakers began their work in 2018, and they are again considering improvements to the state’s medical marijuana program. Two bills, HB 645 and HR 36, have been proposed to establish much-needed medical cannabis access for patients.

If you are a Georgia resident, please send a message to your state lawmakers in support of a workable system that includes cultivation, processing, and sales within Georgia for the state’s seriously ill patients.

Georgia has a very limited medical marijuana law, but prohibits in-state cultivation, processing, and regulated sales of medical cannabis. Georgia’s law encourages patients to obtain medicine through illicit means. It leaves patients with no option but to travel out of state for access to their medicine and bring it back, which is a violation of both federal law and of state law in places where medical cannabis is available. The law puts Georgians in harm’s way.

Rep. Allen Peake, long a champion for compassionate medical marijuana laws, is working on two possible solutions. First, HB 645 would allow two cannabis business licensees to grow, process, and sell medical cannabis oil. Meanwhile, HR 36 would allow lawmakers to place the issues of business regulations before voters in November.

6 responses to “Georgia Considering Medical Marijuana Improvement Legislation”

  1. As a 75 year old lifetime cannabis user, now for my glaucoma and cataracts,diabetes and hypertension,
    I attest that I lived a full and successful life, adding to my community, support good wholesome causes and being a good tax paying citizen…despite my usage.

    Mr.Sessions pay attention! The person who uses Marijuana can also be a very good kind and effective citizen.
    A person who then misjudges and mislabels a person who uses, is just being humanly myopic, intellectually shallow, and quite callous and incredibly insensitive. The fact that he is the AG scares me and frightens MILLIONS of other, good, well meaning, fellow Americans.

    • David thank you for that I’m a Medical Cannabis user as well. I have several life threatening conditions and I’m loosing Drs because of testing positive for THC when this is the only thing that helps me. I was rxed opiates and became very dependent on them and I worked hard to get off that crap. But I’ve always known cannabis was better but was never given the choice. I appreciate your comments and I too feel the same as you. I just pray before I can get my state card that I don’t loose more Drs.

  2. Personally it’s about time because the law they have in place currently is a joke. All it’s basically saying is it approves a patients use but they are required to break federal and state trafficking laws and interstate commerce laws to obtain medicines. The cultivation and production should be left up to the citizens. The ones holding a card should be able to produce or purchase their medicine legally if they hold a card. It should be regulated by the amounts of medicines a patient is required. A certain amount of plants, dried materials, green material, medicinals, and concentrates. Capitalism and Big Pharma should have no place in the industry they have so long disapproved of. They should not have any place in this and any other area of cannabis since they have so long denounced it as a medicine.

  3. I have been using Cannabis since 67, I am a vet, now using for medical, cancer survivor, I have RA, heart problems, pacemaker.
    I gave up Oxycontin, and other Rx pharma drugs, to go green. I do not anf will not get a state Medical Cannabis card. They force you to give up your weapon if you have a card.. No provision to get MM anyway.
    We need yto fix this and do what people demand.

    • Definitely a good point. Why should we give up protection to have a Med card especially for those who choose to produce their own medicines. This would leave a patient that may already be vulnerable even more…

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