Former Bush Appointee, Prohibitionist Author Now Supports Marijuana Policy Reform

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Talk about seeing the error of his ways.

John J. Dilulio, Jr., the man who once co-authored a book with two former drug czars that described America’s drug war as “the most successful attack on a serious social problem in the last quarter-century,” has now reversed course, writing in the journal Democracy that it is “insane” to “expend scarce federal, state, and local law enforcement resources waging ‘war’ against [marijuana] users.”

Specifically, Dilulio, who served for eight months in 2001 as director of President George W. Bush’s White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, listed making medical marijuana legal as one of “six steps to zero prison growth,” along with removing all federal mandatory-minimum drug sentencing policies. He also said the United States should “seriously consider decriminalizing [marijuana] altogether” because marijuana arrests have “close to zero” effect on crime rates and there is “almost no scientific evidence” showing marijuana to be more harmful than alcohol or legal narcotics.

This is coming from the same guy who in 1996 co-authored a (now out-of-print) book that was subtitled “How to Win America’s War Against Crime and Drugs,” with former directors of the Office of National Control Policy Bill Bennett and John Walters.

I would love to know what got Dilulio to change his views of drug policy—and how we could make other former prohibitionists see the light as well.

Here is the complete excerpt of Dilulio’s article that discusses marijuana policy:

“Sixth, legalize marijuana for medically prescribed uses, and seriously consider decriminalizing it altogether. Last year there were more than 800,000 marijuana-related arrests. The impact of these arrests on crime rates was likely close to zero. There is almost no scientific evidence showing that pot is more harmful to its users’ health, more of a “gateway drug,” or more crime-causing in its effects than alcohol or other legal narcotic or mind-altering substances. Our post-2000 legal drug culture has untold millions of Americans, from the very young to the very old, consuming drugs in unprecedented and untested combinations and quantities. Prime-time commercial television is now a virtual medicine cabinet (“just ask your doctor if this drug is right for you”). Big pharmaceutical companies function as all-purpose drug pushers. And yet we expend scarce federal, state, and local law enforcement resources waging “war” against pot users. That is insane.”

27 responses to “Former Bush Appointee, Prohibitionist Author Now Supports Marijuana Policy Reform”

  1. Give this man a cookie. This is a good example of the truth. And it is also against big pharma. I am sure big pharma is already on damage control. How long and hard big pharma fight this war does not matter. There is not enough space to lock up over one fourth of of AMERICA FOR CANNABIS. Now Dilulio who made money for a book about how to win the war on the people now is an expert on legalizing cannabis. How much will he make on the other side of his war? If i sound annoyed, I am. To hell with everyone who forces their ideas on me without my consent. I did not vote for, support in any way, or even agree with anything the prohibitionist stand for. I am part of a majority of Americans that want legal cannabis, and still I am not allowed such freedom in my own home by a minority of greedy rotten people. What I am trying to say in a politically correct manner is. ” Fuck you leave me alone and run your own house before telling me what I can and cannot do. I do not tell you who to have sex with and I do not tell you what is best for you so stop doing it to me. I am sure there is at least 5o% of Americans that agree mith me. If you people in the White house want to force people to do what you want all the time, GO TO CHINA, NORTH KOREA, IRAN, you choose and you go. Leave me ALONE!!

  2. I don’t think he deserves any thing except a boo. His participation in policy making has sent countless people down the road of poverty and ruin, for what? So that with in 10 years of his departure from policy he can change his tune. Sorry but the peoples lives have already been ruined and policy is hard to change. Thanks for changing your opinion on the matter, but do something worth a damn and change policy to correct your error.

  3. mike, can you please give me a link to the article used on this page. I would like to use it in my next 200 letters to my representatives, and yes, mr obama. Thanks

    also, can anyone tell me where Rob and Bruce went? I must have really missed something.

  4. Hear, hear!

    They need to reform to full legalization, not just for medical reasons. After all, these prohibitionists let, even helped, Big Pharma develop and peddle something even worse than heroin, namely oxycontin. And that is according to testimony of individuals who have been addicted to both. Tisk, tisk, you probitionists.

  5. This guy has found a way to make money off of marijuana that is why he has changed his view. Legalization is coming they see so alot of these wash outs are going to try and jump aboard to make a mends

  6. Hey Mike or Kurt,

    Can you tell us what has happened to Bruce and Rob. Well, Rob I think I have a good idea what is happening there, but what about Bruce Mirken?

    TO Paul, don’t you mean jump aboard to make a shit load of money off another book. These prohibitionists, they are like the gladiators that hid out in the belly of the Trojan Horse. I don;t trust em’, don;’t like em’, and want to destroy em’, just like they have destroyed the likes and lives of so many of OUR KIND. O.K. , when you realize your wrong, you don;t get to have any say for at least a period of five years. Prohibitionists suck, except for the likes of Judge Gray, LEAP and the likes of those people.

  7. Let’s be rational here…Anyone with influence on policy or political attitudes, regardless of their past scumbaggery, should be embraced( with both eyes open ,of course, let’s not be naive either). Are we going to be pissed off at CBS when they start openly supporting our cause through there many outlets? I agree, the past is hard to forgive, or forget. The fact of the matter is, the war is changing, it’s going to take on a new look and feel as the tables turn. The more live bodies on our side,the quicker momentum builds….We can’t do it alone, or else we’d already be out of this hole.

  8. I watched CNN on monday and saw the short story on a womans fight and her right to use cannabis. I did not see CNN take a stand, pro or con. Untill the news takes a stand instead of just watching on this issue, we will fight an uphill battle. I watch Glen Beck and and he is anti Obama big time and I see why. He used cannabis and he knows there is no harm in it but he bows to NAZI PALOSI and big pharma. We are so close to no more freedom, we have no choice but to vote everyone out and start over. I will vote a anti socialist and pro cannabis. Whoever stands for true freedom and less gov’t, is who we need but I don’t see that person yet. Then the problem is to KEEP them honest. Limiting any and all political terms to two or three is what we have to do. That is the only way we will ever be able to STAY FREE. We can overdose from every drug known to man, but a plant that never, ever killed onyone is illegal. Did I bump my head or is something wrong with that? Legalize. Free the weed. Over grow big. Whatever, just do something.

  9. Theres more and more sanity creeping into the prohibs everyday. I suspect some of them are just out for money, but they cant deny us any longer. You cant block out the light of brightly shining truth. When they scoff at common sense and truth it makes them look like morons and they are seeing the effects of thier scoffs.

    Clarence: Thankyou for your thoughts I totally agree with your statement ‘ If i sound annoyed, I am. To hell with everyone who forces their ideas on me without my consent. I did not vote for, support in any way, or even agree with anything the prohibitionist stand for. I am part of a majority of Americans that want legal cannabis, and still I am not allowed such freedom in my own home by a minority of greedy rotten people. What I am trying to say in a politically correct manner is. ” Fuck you leave me alone and run your own house before telling me what I can and cannot do. ”

    Nor do i agree with them and yes they can move to North Korea.

  10. Wow someone the was appointed to Bush changed their mind? If Bush changes his mind I’ll probably drop dead, lol.

  11. Mr. Dilulio concludes that the war on cannabis users is “insane”. It’s heartening to see that he has finally recognized this and is speaking up. It’s a form of penance for him…to admit that he’s been part of the delusion and fear-mongering that continues to cost us so much. I wonder if other big-time cannabis prohibitionists will have a similar enlightenment and clearly see their sinful stupidity and the harm they have caused. Miracles are happening!

  12. Sorry i pushed wrong button, again. Any way, 420 magazine, cannabis news,, and are my sorces for my info. These are the best sites Care2 keeps trying to get me to support them but I think they are like Obama, progressive leaning towards socialism. I do not know how to send any thing back to but I would like to send them a whole lot of info to see what happens. If someone would do that for me I would like that.

  13. Is about time but this fool cause a lot of damage that will take a long time to fix an some that will never ever to come back as life.

  14. I am sorry i did not explain better in comment 14. When I said ” he smoked cannabis and he knows there is no harm” I was talking about Obama. In no way did I want to imply Mr. Beck used cannabis in any way. Sorry Mr. Beck.

  15. So this guys “Prohibition” Sponsors Ran Outa Cash, it sounds like.

    This guy still should be in prison like all the people who, is are and have been!

  16. JFK used cannabis for his back pain, and would have likley legalized it, he was going to dismantle the CIA, and “Scatter them to the four winds”, and he wanted to have us out of Viet Nam by 1965, no wonder “They” murdered him!

  17. There are many ways we can look at this move, after all every coin has got two sides to it.
    I agree with many who posted here that this guy is still a scumbag, but he’s a scumbag on our side now so I am willing to give him a break.
    We all have to understand that with changing times and changing policies, we’ll have more and more prohibitionists switching sides. It pisses me off how a politician can lie and stand behind a specific idea and then just change his mind without any reprocussions. At the same time, if these people now want to support medicinal marijuana or full blown legalization, we should welcome them with open arms into our ranks. Let’s win this fight, then we can figure out what to do with all the prohibitionists.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  18. Holy Smokes.
    It’s not about Big Pharma. They could care less. It’s LE that cares losing the sow’s teat that feeds their belly.


  19. Saying you are sorry is a start. Action on one’s part to right what was wrong would convince others of your sincerity. But then, he is faith based; he would know that, right?

  20. If sexual predators were treated like Cannabis smokers, the 17 year old jogger would be alive today. If you get caught growing, smoking or selling Cannabis, you get a life sentence. The average jail term served for child molesters and rapists is 3 years for raping a little boy or girl.
    If the yellow journalist media would get behind Cannabis legalization and ending the war on drugs and mandatory minimums like they did the civil rights story, you would see changes in this country. There are some dedicated journalists out there, but their bosses have the power and the mandate from the prohibitionists and alcohol, tobacco and pharmacuetical companies to censor their stories and stop the truth from being told.

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