MPP Founder Rob Kampia Transitioning to New Role

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As MPP’s role in national and state marijuana policy reform efforts continues to grow and evolve, our leadership structure must also evolve. As such, MPP founder Rob Kampia is stepping down as executive director and will be assuming a new role in the organization.

We would like to thank Rob for his leadership and his continued work to end marijuana prohibition. Rob released the following statement:

I am excited to announce that I will be transitioning to the new position of director of strategic development with the Marijuana Policy Project.

Matthew Schweich, who joined MPP as the director of state campaigns in early 2015, will serve as interim executive director as the organization searches for a permanent executive director.

Back in 1993, I moved to D.C. three days after graduating from Penn State for the sole purpose of legalizing marijuana. Fully 19 years later, in 2012, MPP stunned the world by legalizing marijuana in Colorado, and in the four years since then, MPP legalized marijuana in four more states, being responsible overall for five of the eight states’ legalization laws.

When I co-founded MPP in 1995, medical marijuana was illegal in all 50 states, and it had been a decade since a good marijuana bill was even pending in Congress. Since 1995, MPP has passed half of the 29 states’ medical marijuana laws, and MPP was the lead organization that successfully lobbied Congress in 2014 to block the Justice Department from interfering with those state laws, and that amendment from Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is still the law nationwide.

I’m looking forward to spending more time on Capitol Hill to help craft and pass the best possible legalization law nationally. I also want to focus on legalizing marijuana in three of the 10 most populous states – Texas, New York, and Michigan.

Just yesterday, our Michigan campaign submitted a sufficient number of signatures to that state government, virtually guaranteeing that Michigan will be the only state to vote in November 2018 on a statewide ballot measure to legalize marijuana.

I’m honored to have served as executive director, I’m excited the board chose the person I nominated to serve as interim executive director, and I’m energized to help identify a new executive director to finish the job of ending marijuana prohibition in the U.S.

12 responses to “MPP Founder Rob Kampia Transitioning to New Role”

  1. It is proven to soothe pain and help with diet. Why shouldn’t it be used as it is a medicine. Years ago, my grandmother was dying of cancer and in great pain and didn’t eat. How helpful this, as a medicine, would have been. Mom said after that having info she would ‘hit the streets’ to find some pot. This is quite impressive as she was not a ‘druggie’ , our family just toughed it through. Pot is less dangerous. Last year one person died from it and not certain of that.

    With all the strong drugs given, such as, Demerol, opiods, and we know all the blather going on about that, any many other pain relievers. Those are much worse than ;pot. My theory is if in pain, esp. dying, give whatever works. I mean if one is dying what is the problem? I for one, want to die in peace esp. if terminal..

  2. I am seeking ways to work on influencing policies related to the growing number of Seniors who are choosing cannabis over deadly prescription drugs on a national basis. I recently held an event to introduce seniors to cannabis. All the seats were taken two weeks before the event. On the day of the activity 130 seniors showed up and the average age was 67. Any direction or referral you might provide would be greatly appreciated

  3. Wish I could be part of the mpp movement. I’d voluntar but I don’t know where to start.
    Best of luck to everyone and the cannabis movement.

  4. I would love to volunteer my time to mpp movement. Cannabis has helped me tremendously.
    Thank you for everything ur doing for the medical cannabis.

  5. In 1997, Rob Kampia traveled to Spartanburg, SC at my request to speak at the university from which I soon was graduating. It was my honor to arrange for local news coverage and play a small role in helping to expose the tremendous potential of the MPP Foundation. I have continued to monitor the hard work and incredible success of the organization ever since, and I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all Rob has sacrificed in pursuit of this endeavor. He has managed to do what many felt was impossible—and I know there is much more to come.

    Thank you, Rob.

  6. Gee Bob, I read the real story in High Times, and it seems that you are no better than Franken, Moore and Trump when it comes to violating women’s sexual rights. I am not happy with this, as it has implications from negative politicians, and Kevin Sabet that are sure to come. This is not good at all, and it’s too bad someone else is not involved in helping with cannabis. Max.

    • Max Bohr, I am sure you will be sorely surprised when the downfall of sexual predators reaches a medial climax! Are you not completely stunned at this very moment? I can speak for myself, and say that it without a doubt it oppresses my being, to think the men of this country are so licentious..The idea of such behavior is idealized for criminals and the feral minded, not the ones that some might look up to. I have a mind that pedophiles and those that perform acts of sexual assault, should just be executed, for the simple truth is chances are favorable they wont change..their life of being a predator has begun, and will surely continue! Sadly to say, but truthful enough! I hope I have not offended you Sir!

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