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Denver Mayor Proposes Recriminalizing Marijuana

Colorado made history last November when it became one of the first states in the country to legalize marijuana for adults. Support was exceptionally strong in Denver, where 66% of city voters cast their ballots in favor of Amendment 64.

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Mayor Michael Hancock and his allies on the Denver City Council are now attempting to roll back that progress with a blatantly unconstitutional measure that would criminalize adults’ use of marijuana — even on private property — if others report seeing or smelling it! If this ordinance is approved, adults will face up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000 just for using marijuana in front of their window or in their backyard — harsher penalties than before the passage of Amendment 64! We cannot allow Denver officials to approve this foolish proposal. The city should not be spending taxpayer dollars to arrest and prosecute citizens who are in compliance with state law. And since the measure is a clear violation of the Colorado Constitution, the city will end up spending even more taxpayer dollars defending it in court.

Here is coverage of the issue and reaction from city councilors opposed to the measure:

On Friday, MPP's Mason Tvert reacted to Mayor Hancock's attempt to subvert the law:

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