Medical Marijuana

North Carolina Lawmaker Starts Petition to Gather Support for Medical Marijuana

Feb 16, 2016 Becky Dansky

HB 78, Kelly Alexander, Label Charlotte, NC, North Carolina

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State Rep. Kelly Alexander has been a strong advocate for comprehensive, workable medical marijuana policies in North Carolina. Last year, he filed HB 78, which would have allowed seriously ill patients to use, possess, and cultivate a limited amount of marijuana if recommended to do so by their physicians. Unfortunately, the bill was voted down in committee.

As part of this effort, Rep. Alexander is collecting signatures on a petition to show his colleagues in the legislature that North Carolinians support allowing the terminally ill to access medical marijuana — and he plans to introduce a bill that would do so during the short session this year.

Rep. Alexander is also hosting an Early Voting Kick Off Block Party — which is also a fundraiser for his campaign — to help get out the vote. This is a chance to thank Rep. Alexander for his leadership on behalf of compassionate medical marijuana laws.

Wednesday, March 2
7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Label Charlotte
900 NC Music Factory Blvd., Ste. B6
Charlotte, NC 28206
General admission tickets: $45, VIP tickets: $75

If you live in North Carolina, please contact your lawmakers and urge them to support comprehensive medical marijuana legislation when the new session starts this year.

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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Constitutional Amendment Proposed in North Carolina

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North Carolina Rep. Kelly Alexander (D-Mecklenberg) has introduced legislation to put a constitutional amendment legalizing medical marijuana on November’s ballot. If enacted, qualified medical marijuana patients and their caregivers would no longer be subject to arrest and prosecution for using marijuana under a doctor’s order. HB 1161 — the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act — would also set up a “regulated medical cannabis supply system” so that patients can safely access their medicine.

Rep. Alexander has previously introduced variations of this bill into the legislature; however, they have been either ignored or rudely killed, despite overwhelming public support for medical marijuana. Because the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act would amend the state’s constitution, it must get a three-fifths vote in both chambers before it can be placed on November’s ballot. If you are a North Carolina residentask your lawmakers to support HB 1161 today.



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Bill to Lessen Penalties for Marijuana Introduced in North Carolina

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North Carolina State Rep. Kelly Alexander, Jr. (D-Mecklenburg) introduced a bill to downgrade the penalty for simple possession of marijuana in the state.  H637, which was co-sponsored by seven of Rep. Alexander’s Democratic colleagues, passed first reading Wednesday and was referred to the House Committee on Judiciary.

Currently, individuals in North Carolina convicted of possession of under a half-ounce of marijuana typically receive a fine and a suspended sentence. While the existing law keeps most marijuana consumers out of jail, it still leaves individuals with stigmatizing criminal records.

Under H637, those found possessing less than an ounce of marijuana would receive a civil infraction rather than a suspended sentence and a rap sheet. The bill also allows past offenders to have their records expunged.

If you live in North Carolina, ask your lawmakers to join Rep. Alexander in bringing sensible reform to the state then  urge your friends and family to do the same.

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