Medical Marijuana

N.H. Senate will vote soon on home cultivation of medical cannabis

If you live in New Hampshire, urge your senator to support HB 364!

In four of the last five years, the N.H. House has passed bills that would have allowed patients and caregivers to grow a limited supply of cannabis. Sadly, these bills have all failed to pass the Senate. Instead, all four were referred to so-called “interim study” and then completely ignored.

This year, it appears that a home cultivation bill may finally have a good chance of passing the Senate. HB 364, which has already passed the House in a voice vote, is currently being considered by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The committee appears likely to vote on the bill next Tuesday.

For the sake of patients who are still struggling because of limited access to cannabis, please contact your senator right now and urge him or her to support HB 364!

If you are a patient who would personally benefit from this bill’s passage, or you are a friend or family member of a patient, please email all five members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee and share your story.

As amended by the House, HB 364 would allow possession of three mature plants, three immature plants, and 12 seedlings for each patient. The bill is critically important because many patients are unable to afford the products that are available at dispensaries, which are not covered by health insurance. For some patients, home cultivation is simply the best, most affordable option.

After you contact your senator in support of the home cultivation bill, please share this message with your family and friends.

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