Maine Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Fighting Ballot Disqualification

On Wednesday, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in MaineME Release Header - NEW was notified that their ballot measure had failed to qualify for the ballot. The campaign turned in 99,229 signatures in February, but were told that nearly half of them were invalid. However, more than 17,000 valid signatures, more than enough to make the measure qualify for the ballot, were not counted. The reason: a handwriting technicality.

Supporters are not going to let the state take away the political voices of thousands of resident, and are appealing the decision. Now, the officials in charge of validating the signatures are mixing up their stories.

From U.S. News & World Report:

Maine officials have provided inconsistent accounts about whether they contacted a public notary before denying ballot access to a marijuana legalization initiative based solely on the belief the notary’s handwriting was inconsistent on forms containing 17,000 otherwise valid signatures.

The various tellings of whether the notary was asked for an explanation come amid debate on whether they should have been contacted and whether the signature, which is required on petition forms, actually was inconsistent.

On Wednesday, Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap seemed to imply his office contacted the notary before its decision, telling Maine Public Radio, “it became apparent to us that we could not get good answers to our questions about the relationship between the notary and the circulator.”

But on Thursday, a spokeswoman for the secretary of state’s office, Kristen Schulze Muszynski, told U.S. News election staff “did not directly follow up with the notary,” as their signature on forms was “markedly different” from one the state had on file and on other documents they had notarized.

“We’re very concerned about the apparent lack of consistency in statements from the secretary of state,” [Campaign Director David] Boyer says. “When you are about to disenfranchise 17,000 registered voters based on a technicality, it is only logical to take a few simple steps to determine whether the notary signed the petitions or not.”

We will keep you posted as this story develops.

20 responses to “Maine Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Fighting Ballot Disqualification”

  1. Excellent strategy. If you’re losing just cheat. To be expected in places like Floriduh and the nation of Texas, but I never expected corruption at this level from Maine.
    Cannabis never should have been banned.

  2. I think the question should be if they accepted this handwriting previously for other thins rather that just Marijuana? If they accepted it before on other stuff, then they shouldn’t be able to disqualify those signatures.

  3. It sounds like the people whom are in office now,tryig to make there own laws or follow the law as they feel it should be served,should loose there standing seats,they are supposed to be working for the people not serving there own agenda,next election dump the swine,let them go make there laws elsewhere!

  4. Could anyone expect anything but inconsistency in their statements, from the forces arrayed against The LORD are in rebellion; because all those who support this blasphemous law (the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937) and its’ prohibition have rebelled against HIM and will face HIS Judgment concerning them, which is spoken in the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 66, Verse 24, “And they shall go forth and look on the dead bodies of the men that have rebelled against me; for their worm shall not die, their fire shall not be quenched, and they shall be an abhorrence to all flesh.” (Isaiah 66:24). For 77 years, The LORD Has been silent while blasphemers have had their way against HIS Children and HIS Creation. Now the time of HIS Recompense is at hand. Don’t be alarmed at their confusion. LJB

    • Amen to that. To outlaw nature and take away the peoples food and medicine is to spit in God’s face and say he was wrong to make it and give it to us. They have tried and convicted God of production of a controlled substance with intent to distribute along with many other crimes. This is the height of arrogance. If you did it to the least of my people you did it to me. Jesus said. The wrongs they have committed stand as a testament against them and their wicked and evil ways. God will not me mocked. Whatever you sow you will also reap.

  5. What were the conditions when the notary signed the petitions (distractions etc.)? Who bis the notary? Usually they are bank or insurance employees. Has the notary aged since he/she gave said signature? Did the notary try to sign everything in the space of a few hours? Have you ever heard of writer’s cramp?

    Without the state interviewing the notary, the truth will never be found. I cannot see MPP hatching a plan to beat the state. It is not worth it. Alan Young

  6. you can’t stop this…ever, we will never surrender, we will be there, will be back, right is on our side…and you know it…ITS A PLANT

  7. Its really sad when the issue of regulating Marijuana is looked at as a threat to many people in office. They really don’t care what the people want, they keep it one sided to keep the voters happy. The BS tactics that have happened here shows a complete disregard for the law and how it is operated. The issue of notary and signatures is just a loop hole in the issue of regulating pot like alcohol. It was a deliberate attempt to screw over Americans just because of their office position. The people who are suspect in this deceit should spend some time in prison and in which they will find out how hard it will be to keep their bunk buddies happy every night. Maine just remember these political idiots during election time!

  8. Would an online petition solve this problem? It was only a matter of time until the “obstructionist” exploit the paper petitions.

    • In order to qualify for the ballot in Maine and most, if not all, other states, signatures must be submitted on official, state-issued petition forms. Online petitions would likely be too easy to falsify and too hard to verify to allow them to be used to impact what is put before the voters.

    • I am 42 and I have to wait for some white men to give permission to smoke and grow an herb that God created for us human. it says in the bible the herbs are for the healing of the nation

  9. The Public officials Are Insincere crooked and make it so the general public cannot have faith in the modern political system. The good people of Maine Confidence is shaken to the core when corruption of this nature is exposed by the light of freedom and justice.
    Restore the Peoples faith! Run The Ballot!

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