Study: Marijuana May Achieve Complete Remission of Crohn’s Disease

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Using marijuana may cause a “complete remission” of Crohn’s disease, a new study suggests.

Published in the medical journal Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology,AGA-CGH-pub1 the study examined the effects of regular marijuana consumption on the development of the severely debilitating Crohn’s disease. Researchers at Israel’s Meir Medical Center found that five of the 11 patients (or nearly half) who smoked twice per day for eight weeks achieved complete remission, compared to none of the patients who were given a placebo. Additionally, another five of the test subjects receiving marijuana saw their symptoms cut in half. And, unlike many of the drugs currently prescribed to treat the illness, there were no significant side effects.

The symptoms of severe Crohn’s disease make it a living nightmare for many patients, who can suffer from bloody diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and fevers.

This study is the first placebo-controlled clinical trial to measure the impact of marijuana consumption on Crohn’s disease. While there is no cure for Crohn’s, scientists are working to keep the symptoms in check and prevent further progression of the disease.

The researchers were hesitant to label the findings a total success, but said that they merit further research.

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    • Hi there
      I just started taking marijuana. Can you tell me from yours experience how often
      You was taking it and what type.
      Thank you

  1. was diganosed with chrons in 85, started smoking in 86. Relived most of my problems. Only occasional problems since then. WONDER DRUG!!

  2. Cannabis is the ultimate garden herb. Every part of the plant has a ready use and market but who would want us growing our own medicine in the back yard also? What a crazy thought. Why, Big Pharma would soil their collective britches. Especially when science discovers that marijuana is a very viable and effective treatment for PTSD, and depression, and ADD in children, and on and on. I can grow a powerful and diverse medicine in my garden that would make it unneccesary for me to purchase an entire menu of Big Pharma products. Legal marijuana would make it unneccesary for me to purchase alcohol anymore also…I could chill with the produce from my garden. The money I could save not buying big pharma products and big booze products would be substantial! All those savings from my little garden of grass…whodathunk?

  3. i have had crohns since i was about 9 years old it use to affect me so much that i was in the hospital almost every other week tryin out all different kinds of meds and iv infusions and when i turned about 14 years old i started smokin marijuana and since then i have and hardly any problems whatsoever and i dont take any of the meds they use to have me on cus they never seemed to work at all i use to be in constant pain everyday but not anymore marijuana gave me my life back

  4. I have been advised in Northern California one has to obtain a “license” to permit the use of medical mj, then locate a MD for the script and a reliable/legit source of product. I SO WANT MY SON TO LIVE A QUALITY LIFE. Would appreciate if someone would provide me with specific information of all the aforementioned parts of the process. Placer County of residence. Would like this asap for my son. Really has had a treatment resistant condition since first “officially” diagnosed at 11 yr. old, and will soon be 25 this month. PLEASE help with info asap. Would so deeply be grateful.


  6. struggling aftr beinf diagnosed 20yrs ago n stuck on prescription meds that leave me trapped scared isolated n harrassed by deadbeat gi docs and know it all er physicians who r ready to jump down your throat since you said the word a ca girl at heart but alas ended my artistic career there to suffer n be back here in wi where there is family for my :ittle boy 4yrs n i..but a building hatred from them due to their impression of this phantom disease.

  7. Diagnosed at age of 16. Smoked weed recreationally between 19 and 33. Quit because it was illegal and had two small children. Didn’t notice anything + or -. Then started drinking which only made whole situation worse. Had two bowel resections and only have a little under 1 foot of large bowel left. Constant loose stool or diarrhea. Quit drinking 5 years ago. Mind clearer now. Crohns still active but mildly so. Big problem is number of times that I have to go to the restroom per day (and night – horrible sleep interrupter). Was in a state with mmj recently for several weeks. Was fortunate enough to be able to obtain some in edible form (I still won’t smoke – bad for your lungs). It worked well. Relieved cramping but most importantly slowed down the bowels dramatically. Actually slept all night. Major reason for taking was neuropathy pain in feet. Relieved that as well. Also lessened arthritis pain I get in hands. Seriously considering moving to a mmj state.
    The feds have to get their act together. Don’t I and all other people in need of pain relief have a right to the medicine that works? Even if it doesn’t “cure” the problem, at least it allows one to live in a modicum of comfort. Need more studies and less governmental meddling. Save the effort for serious drugs like meth and crack cocaine.
    Also, wouldn’t it take a BIG dent out of the cartels business if we could go to Walgreens or CVS and buy product legally grown in the US. Is Archer Daniels Midland listening? (Actually Iwould stick with someone locally)

  8. Forgot to metion that I’m now in my 60s and mmj worked better than any other meds for pain, considering the ill effects of stuff like morphine or hydrocodone.

  9. My daughter is 17 & was diagnosed with crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitius(because her disease is right in the middle of her intestines) IBD & rheumatoid arthritis at age 13. She requires constant hospitalizations, has required feeding tubes, has needed a port-a-cath because of the need of certain meds & still doesnt have much relief & still has more bad days than good days. Over the recent year we have had people tell her to try the medical marijuana it would help her tremendously. At first i was horrified when she told me this but over the past 3-4 months i have been researching it simply because she is feeling worse & dealing with more symptoms. However we live in Va & all i have found out is of course its not legal in our state. So wondering if theres anyone out here who is willing to help me as far as which states its legal in, what kind of dr do i need to take her to get the “card” needed. Basically everything & anytbing that i can actually use to offer my daughter some relief. Thanks in advance

  10. Hi I have crohns and just got out of Hostpial and they wanted to open me up and put Bag and i refused so I need Big Help Due i am Deaf and it tougher on me as i searching for serious Help with my crohns and i need someone that can Help me and Get me started healing my Crohns so Please Contact me Asap It Killing me Because i am only person alive my family all gone and i have no idea or where to start to it soooo hard on me So Need Someone willing to come or Help Get me started Please as It scares me . Pray i get Some Help sooner than later than be Sorry

  11. I didn’t get diagnosed till I was in my mid 40’s. I took Asacol 400mg for 7+ years with no complications at all and my doc told me he thought I was in remission even. Then they stopped making it. Now since Delzicol 400mg is used I’ve had multiple emergency room visits and overnite hospital stays. Have not taken Asacol HD 800mg yet. Anyway, I know most are diagnosed at a young age, which gets me to the big picture. I started smoking marijuana in 7th grade till I graduated college. I was on the honor roll from 7th to 12th grade, had a job and participated in 3 sports lettering in 2. So as I Iook back did smoking marijuana then curtail the diagnoses till later in life. I’m beginning to believe so. I’m really thinking and hoping laws change because I could live life again as it should be!! As a productive person without the pain of this cruel monster known as Crohns.

  12. Please help! I have Chrons disease and have not had any luck with the medications I have tried. I was told yesterday that my next option is IV treatment. I live in CO where buying pot is legal and have been reading about how it could possibly help with Chrons. I am just curious if anyone has suggestions on the best way to consume MMJ to get the most benefit with my inflammation. I currently have the liquid THC drops bc I prefer not to smoke. Is there more of a benefit to smoking than taking an edible form ( I know the high can feel different, but I mean in terms of helping my inflammation)? Thanks!!

  13. Just came across this post doing some googling after hearing that Gov Cuomo has added Crohn’s to the list of illnesses that are legally allowed to be prescribed medicinal marijuanna. When I first heard this law was passed, it seemed to include more terminal illnesses which was upsetting as all of the states the adopted for medicinal purposes and we’re pretty strict about it (going back to the 90’s) included Crohn’s.
    I’m at my 20th year of living with Crohn’s having been diagnosed at 18 but first experienced symptoms at 16.
    It wasn’t until my first nightmarish hospital vist that they were pretty sure with all the tests they did and later confirmed a few months later after the inflammation subsided allowing them to do a colonoscopy that confirmed it.

    I was put on a regimen of 28 pills a day, watching what I ate yey averaged a 7 day stay in the hospital every 3-4 months. At the age of 20, I decided to transfer colleges from NY (living at home) to Central Florida. I lived off campus in a college apartment complex and most of my neighbors smoked regularly. I soon gave it a shot and not only did I enjoy it but eventually realized my stomach wasn’t bothering me and I was able to eat anything. I smoked everyday for the next 4 years or so. Stopped taking my meds and was great. Depending on the strain I was able to get, it sometimes made me pretty lazy so o decided to give it up when starting my career. Well guess what happened, it came back about a year later and hardcore this time. I couldn’t stay out of the hospital and was soon forced to have surgery. The surgery kept it in remission for 4 years. But 2 years later it is back and docs already talking surgery again since I won’t take humira (known to cause cancer and other fatal diseases).
    I was honest with doctors in Florida and NY about what I was doing and all said that there have been plenty of studies to prove its ability to keep Crohn’s in remission. Glad to hear NY is up for it and I hope the federal government follows. I don’t need to smoke it. I don’t care how its ingested as long as it is a medical grade and a Sativa strain which is hard to get on the street since most indoor plants are indica which is the weed that made me lazy. I’m not sure yet how they are going to be growing in NY. I know Cuomo tried to import from Colorado buy the federal government would not allow it. Sad, but things have changed a LOT in the past 10-15 years compared to the entire 20th century. I’m confident major changes are in the near future.

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  15. I was diagnosed with Chrons disease in summer of 1980 with 2 rectal abcesses had bowel resection in fall of 1981 got 3rd abcess in spring of 1984 began to smoke weed in 1985 for a period of ten years my chrons was thrown into remission unknowingly no more side effects from chrons disease pot has the power to put this disease into remission which I discovered later

  16. My Son has Crohns and he is also a daily dope smoker. Currently going through a bad flare-up which has lost him his job and his flat.
    He has always raved about how great cannabis is at controlling his crohns but much of this is just wishful thinking. With or without crohns he would still be a dope smoker.
    Doesn’t work for everyone.

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