Nebraska Senate Considering Medical Marijuana Bill

Sen. Tommy Garrett

Last year, the Nebraska Senate approved Sen. Tommy Garrett’s Medical Cannabis Act (LB 643), which would allow patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS, and other serious ailments to safely access medical cannabis. Despite that victory, the bill has a long way to go to become law — it needs two more favorable Senate votes, and will likely need a 33-vote supermajority to stop a filibuster.

If you are a Nebraska resident, please write your senator now to support advancing LB 643 to a final reading.

The Senate is currently split on the issue, with some senators opposing medical marijuana altogether and some only supporting a limited, and likely ineffective, CBD oil bill.

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  1. Safe access is a requirement for patients searching for relief without the dangers of overdose, misuse, and side affects leaving you worse than before you took the petrol-chemical base prescription medications. The worse damage occurring from cannabis consumption is LEOs reactions and draconian sentencing guidelines meant to punish personal decisions.

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