Illinois Governor Rejects Adding Conditions to Medical Cannabis Program

Despite a recommendation from the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner decided not to add eight medical conditions to the state’s medical cannabis pilot program. This is the second time his health department has turned down expanding the list of qualifying conditions.

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Gov. Bruce Rauner (IMAGE:

The petition included four pain syndromes and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The first time Gov. Rauner’s health department rejected new conditions, the governor noted that the program was not yet fully up and running. However, now that dispensaries have opened in Illinois, that reasoning no longer applies. The Medical Cannabis Advisory Board reviewed relevant studies and heard testimony from patients who could find relief if their conditions were added to the program.

Adding qualifying conditions would significantly improve the state program. The medical cannabis program recognizes only a narrow range of conditions, and Illinois is one of very few medical marijuana states that excludes patients with serious pain.

3 responses to “Illinois Governor Rejects Adding Conditions to Medical Cannabis Program”

  1. Gov Bruce and all of the other anti marijuana jocks out there days are numbered, full legalization is coming and there is nothing they can do about it. If you want to kill your political career go ahead and vote against legalizing. marijuana.

  2. You would think a Governor, whose own Son was arrested on opioid related drug charges, would have a greater knowledge of the comparably benign/beneficial effects of medicinal cannabis therapy.

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