VIDEO: Utah Man Killed in Outrageous Police Raid

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UPDATED: Shocking. That’s the only word that comes to mind when seeing the video of Todd Blair, 45, gunned down by armed police storming his home on a no-knock raid in Utah last September. Blair, no doubt surprised by the sound of yelling and having his door kicked in, emerges from an interior doorway holding a golf club over his head. Before Blair can react, Sgt. Troy Burnett shoots him three times and Blair slumps to the floor dead.

No “drop the weapon,” no “get down on the ground,” just bang!, bang!, bang! It’s a chilling scene that’s over before it started, and all the police found was a small amount of marijuana and an empty vial alleged to have contained other drugs.

This type of raid won’t come as a surprise to regular readers of our blog, of course. We see these stories all the time because they’re playing out every day in this country at an alarming rate. Lives are ruined and lost, and for what? A few grams of marijuana? It’s just another—albiet outrageous—example of how prohibition has failed as a policy at every conceivable turn. If videos like this aren’t a sure sign that it’s time to end marijuana prohibition and adopt sensible polices like taxation and regulation, then I’m not sure what is. (originally written by John Berry, with updates by Dusty Trice)

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76 responses to “VIDEO: Utah Man Killed in Outrageous Police Raid”

  1. 2012 just begun.

    Look into the Uranus and Pluto trine on google, watch the news.

    The universe is primed for a new global revolution.

    It’s all unfolding now.

    Get prepared!

  2. The ONLY chance of this Nazi bullshit ending is going to be with Gary Johnson 2012 THATS IT. We have to remember this.Not pussy Palenty,not Mike -uckabee,not Michele throwup Bachman or any others that will be running.Even Obama its clear he has no balls to help either.When more have died in Mex. compared to the latest war we are in ,clearly we need change now.
    Also this has gone way way beyond a simple harmless substance safer then alcohol.
    This is about law enforcement and them wanting to keep there high paying jobs and actually having to do real honest to god police work,which busting pot users is surely not,its about prisons ,trying to control people ,and being a bunch of truly un AMERICAN group of people constantly violating our rights as Americans

  3. This video and the one where they killed the dogs just make me sick to my stomach. Not just because I feel bad for seeing this unfold and the complete lack of concern from the heroes perpetrating the acts. But the fact that people stand behind this behavior and think it is good. I worry for all of us!

  4. This video will not be seen on any of the networks. No charges will be brought against the shooter.And the shooter will dissapear and pop up in 6 mo. in another city. The End.

  5. this happens to people all the time in this country over a simple plant all the while in other countries our troops are being punished if they actually kill an enemy at war with us

  6. This is a war on all Americans and it has to stop. Murder is what this cop did. At least in a “war zone” we are allowed to shoot back.

  7. Until the big-pharma CEO’s and their corrupt money that legally bribe our legislators is put at rest, the Corporate Fascist tyrants will continue to subvert the will of the People, and Court Decisions like the former DEA Admin Federal Judge Francis Young made in 1988 to change Medical Marijuana from a schedule 1 drug to a schedule 2 drug that would of allowed any Physician to prescribe it based on tens of thousands of pages of evidence regarding it’s benefits. That ruling, unlike 99.9% of others, was overturned on absolutely no evidence by a Corporate Facist Lackey, and good friend of G. Bush Senior whose name was Judge John Lawn. These guys dressed in black, and the FBI should of been raiding the houses of the
    Corporate Fascists, Judge Lawn, and the Pedophile G. B. Senior instead, after-all its the legal pharmaceutical drugs according to our own Gov stats that kill over 100,000 Americans every year, and harm many more.

  8. This is exactly why every pot smoker needs to be armed in his or her home. In Switzerland, every home owner is reuired to own a gun and is trained how to use it. They have ZERO violent crime there.

  9. Oh….my mistake. I didn’t catch the name at the end of the first paragraph on this Topic.

    Two unrelated articles: One article was very brief and simple and the other has numerous details that sounded justifiable.

    sorry about that Senior Citizens…..I didn’t know that Sgt. Troy Burnett was the one who shot Todd.

    If there was no video, what would the official story from the police department would be?

  10. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, DERIVING THEIR JUST POWERS FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED —

    That WHENEVER ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENT BECOMES DESTRUCTIVE OF THESE ENDS, it is the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to ALTER OR ABOLISH IT, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. BUT WHEN A LONG TRAIN OF ABUSES AND USURPATIONS, pursuing invariably the same Object EVINCES A DESIGN TO REDUCE THEM UNDER ABSOLUTE DESPOTISM, IT IS THEIR RIGHT, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

  11. This is sick, government is just a bunch of murdering fools in suits.

    So ya, MPP what of JJ’s point at #6? Do you pull the video and make corrections or be looked at as part of the problem?

    What say you?

  12. CBS @ #13:Corporate Fascists, Judge Lawn, and the Pedophile G. B. Senior instead, after-all its the legal pharmaceutical drugs according to our own Gov stats that kill over 100,000 Americans every year, and harm many more.

    If this isnt hypocrasy then what the fuck is?
    No, you cant have cannabis which kills no one but, here that these drugs that kill 100,000 each year?
    Our government is a sick corrupt bunch of tyrants. This is just one example of many.
    When the economy completely collapses and peoples lives become very uncomfortable, then they will see government for what it is.

  13. Once again.

    Brutal cops who think they are judge, jury, and — sadly — executioners.

    Or just dumb and clumsy. If I f-ed up as bad on my job as they did there, I’d no longer have a job, instead of getting a pat on the back from my bosses. And if I broke the law that badly, I’d be looking at jail time.

  14. This is not “Regulation of Commerce” – that’s how they justify this prohibition isn’t it? “Commerce was universally regulated through taxes on consumable articles imported by States or Nations and not through commercial laws. Taxes were understood to have the dual purpose of generating revenue and regulating commerce.”

    “The word “commerce” was always understood to mean the “exchange of commodities” through imports or exports”

    The federal government for years has claimed expansive powers under the authority to regulate commerce, so much, that the most innocent private activity can now come under federal control simply because it can be viewed as having an influence on “interstate commerce” (such as the wheat in your bread having come from another State). BUT ~ surely the 10th amendment reminds the federal government that it is not to act as a king – that it is to be limited by the powers delegated to it in the constitution.

    The Declaration of Independence cautions us to be vigilant against tyranny, and that we have certain unalienable rights that come from our creator not the government, LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. (These three were all taken from Todd Blair by force under a misguided crusade)

    The 1st amendment forbids the state imposing a religion (puritanism = drug-free America and world)

    the 10th amendment reminds the government that “The POWERS not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the PEOPLE.

    What exact POWER is left for we-the-people if we are reduced to cowering in our homes – and can’t use a plant (that has been used by humanity for thousands of years) according to our own desires.

  15. How do you not tell the difference between golf club and a shotgun? or a gun? Or a knife! You can see the fucking golf club straight up they didn’t even make the guy get on the ground like they should have. These raids should be conducted with rubber bullets to stun any by-standards. WHY DON’T THEY USE NON-DEADLY FORCE! THAT COULD BE A SCARED 14 year old HOLDING A GOLF CLUB!

    Until a young child or a baby is hurt, or killed, in these Nazi raids – people will be silent.

  16. I am fucking sick of this fucking shit. We just want to smoke a plant thats all we want to do . this isn’t cocaine ,Heroin , and its sure as hell isn’t prescription drugs that are deadly to your body. this war on Cannibis and dare i say it Hard drugs is FUCKING RIDICULOUS . I really don’t care about being able to smoke herb legally anymore after watching this video . i just want the violence and death to stop, but the FUCKING DOUSCHEBAG SHITHEADS we have for our so called government is sick and twisted they like to see people fucking dying for a little plant we like to smoke. We need this to end right now!!!!!

  17. This stuff is getting out of control… What is it about marijuana that is so dangerous in the governments eyes? So dangerous that a cop would shoot a man 3 times and kill him in his own home just to fine a few grams… It’s B.S.! Something needs to change, and it needs to change soon. One day we all need to unite and show our government who’s really in charge.

  18. @John Berry – can we please see a follow up on this. Like a police report or something. This was a brutal murder and I truly believe that this can happen to any person in this country who chooses to smoke canabis in the privacy of their home.
    This video has to go on facebook, twitter or whatever social network is out there. This is sick and frightening.
    Free The Weed. Free The People.

  19. I have emailed this video to all my family, just so they understand, YOU DONT HAVE TO CONSUME DRUGS FOR THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU !

    What if this would have been this guys mother or father standing there with a golf club..then what? Would it get brushed aside as all these fucked up raids do?

    Wake people up, send this vid to eveyone you know.

    Theres a reason there are riots and insurgencies happening all over the world. People are sick and tired of government lies and corruption. It can happen here. Wait til the national debt is too big and hyperinflation hits and you life is very uncomfortable..who will you blame for all the injustices in this country…government.

  20. As much as I agree with the sentiments already expressed, no one has mentioned the other skin on this cat. Why would a police force burst into the home of someone who could react violently defense against ‘unknown intruders’? A law abiding citizen sitting in that front room with his weapon on his lap could’ve unwittingly shot at and killed policemen. Would the police see that death as being ‘over a little marijuana’ as we would, or as ‘violent strung out drug offender kills police’?

  21. It is impossible for Todd Blair to use a golf club as a weapon because of the door and the narrow hall way.
    This is not justifiable no matter how you look at it.

    Sgt. Troy Burnett is a killer cop. Not safe to be around.

  22. We have a power, people, we just are NOT using it! If you are a registered voter, you WILL serve on a jury! When you do, if there is a drug case of any kind VOTE NOT GUILTY! And when you vote not guilty, STAND FIRM!!!

    All you have to say is, “I believe the police are lying.”. This is what REALLY killed Prohibition! The courts could not get convictions, so they just quit prosecution Prohibition cases! Finally they overturned Prohibition, because they couldn’t afford to bring cases! It worked once, it can work again!

  23. I can’t get the video to work. It says “sorry private video” and says I need to accept the “friend request” of whoever sent it. WTF?

  24. I have tried everything and they still will not allow me to watch this but I guess I really don’t need to see cops gunning down someone just because they smoke pot…..But yet they allow people to go to bars and drink liquor go out and kill people, I have Never seen anyone on Pot get mean & nasty and their whole personally change and become raging assholes, but I know alot of people who drink and they become a totally different person, mean, nasty & hateful, but yet it’s legak…something is very wrong with our world, please just let us smoke and grow our own pot and we will leave everyone else alone because we are just chillin’ and relieving our pain without all those nasty pain pills ok i’m done for now…..

  25. the pot isn’t dangerous, the police are. this shooter should be drawn and quartered in public. any shooting of a person by police that is unlawful should be treated this way until the cops get smart. take guns away from the cops, they don’t need guns as they have tasers and so forth ( using same thinking about not needing pot cause we have morphine eh?) start by getting rid of all the shooters on police force’s everywhere, lets open the records and see who is doing what with which to whom…

  26. this needs to stop that guy had a right to protect his house from the cops witch who was tectonically robbing him let them try that at my house i got a ak47 waiting for any intruders like them a civil war 2 is about to start everyone is get so fed up with the gov getting away with killing kids and peop-le that dont even have anything to do with weed with no remorse all cops are murderous thiefs and its time to stend up and say NO MORE TIME TO REVOTE

  27. We don’t need foreign invaders to feel shaken and scared. Are we then so powerless that we cannot do anything against the police? Who controls the police? Nobody? An actor friend of mine asked a stadium guard not to touch her new pink handbag with his dirty hands – she offered to empty it herself. She was tackled, thrown on the ground, arrested and CONVICTED! What is going on? How can this happen? How can we stop all these abuses we hear of on a daily/weekly basis?

  28. It’s all about control! There are though’s in the world that feel they have to control everyone. Like parents who control there children, they have to control adults as well. All people want is a way to relax and escape the stress of work and life in general. A lot of those control freaks sit there smoking their cigarettes and drinking their alcoholic beverage and doing who knows what else, all the while telling us, no you can have your pot. If you need drugs to help with your pain, then use the drugs provided by your doctors and pharmacies. Ya, those same “legal” drugs advertised on TV that have terrible side effects that include death. I see a revolution coming in this country. I may not be around to see it, but I do believe it will happen. WE the people, the ones that are beginning to tire of being told what to do, what to eat, drink and so on, will rebel. People came here from Europe to escape the same things that are being forced on us today. And one last thing, This is no longer a government for the people! It is and has been “The Government for the Rich, by the Rich. Open your eyes Americans. Your Republicans and Democrats are not looking out for your best interest, they are imposing there will on all of us. What happened to the Right of “Life,Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness? As long as one does not bring harm to another, one should do as one pleases with ones own body. Isn’t that the bases for the murder of the unborn, called Abortion! It’s though’s that say, ” Hey, I don’t pick my nose, so you are not allowed to pick yours, and don’t say your scratching it.

  29. This man was murdered plain and simple. No knock warrants are a bad idea. This man was killed for what, some weed. We need reform now an drug policies.

  30. War on Drugs my a__!! You cant make war on a thing, you make war on people and that’s exactly what the government at every level is doing. This is outrageous and unfortunately this cop will be hailed as a hero and rewarded rather than receive the punishment he so richly deserves.

  31. those pigs are dickless cowards who fear their wifes are fucking their best freind,. Thats how it is in their communirty. Small Dick Syndrome

  32. This really could happen to any of us. You’re asleep and suddenly there are multiple people shouting over one another so you can’t make out what’s being said and then your front door gets kicked in. Most of us would emerge from our bedrooms clutching anything we might find to use to protect ourselves from intruders.

    And why is it that all the police officers present need to yell at the same time but not in unison? Why can’t there be one officer in charge with a bullhorn? Because then there would be all that long drawn out court stuff, a dead homeowner is much less paperwork.

  33. If the US people really had a clue what the Government does behind their backs, There would be a Revolution. I am retired and my signed confidentiallity BS papers are expired. So The reason the DEA, and the CIA do not want drugs legalized is because it will cut out their profits for their Black Operations that the President doesn’t even know about. We killed Pablo Escabar because he wouldn’t sell Cocanie as cheap as the Cali cartel would to the DEA. You check the statistics. Cocanie addiction was at it’s highest during the 80’s Herion addiction was almost not even seen anymore, Every since we started the War in Iraq and AFganistan in 1990 and beyoud Herion addiction has rison to the highest it has been in the history of the US and you wonder why Osama Bin Laden is still alive with every special forces group from every country in the world hunting his ass. He sell’s the CIA Herion cheaper than anybody else people. The Police ain’t shit they are just peon’s following orders from higher up. The heads of The Cia, The DEA AND THE JOINT Cheifs, are the largest importers in the world. Notice Naval ships are never subjected to Customs, nor are Air Force planes. Soldiers and Marine’s follow orders unload and ship the shit all over the country, not haveing a clue what they are doing. The Government does not care what you think because if you do the reasearch you will find 78% of every person in Congress and or the Senate can trace their family back to the Contenental Congress, and they stay 50 or 60 years. We want change we must change the fact that if the President can only have 4 years then be reelected for 4 more period, then why can the Congress and Senate live there for life, they have no clue what the people want, and they do not care. We need to stand up for term limits on the House and the Senate 4 years asshole then go get a fucking job, if you are a fucking draft dodger Bill Clinton you should not be allowed to be a fucking Mayor much less a Governer , Senator ,or The President. It is all about the money , the lobbiest should be banned term limits shoulld be in place for every office. Then change will happen when we get plumbers, and painters, and car salesmen and teachers, and farmers in congress that live with the people and not in Washington, and know what the people want and do not have time to be corrupted by the money , and who don’t know how to play politics; nothing will change. Money rules the world, but the one good thing about Obama is if he keeps printing dollars with no gold or silver to back it up then it will be toilet paper before he is out of office. We cant blame the President for shit though people; he is only a mouthpeice with no damn power. The power is Congress, Write your congressman and senators every fucking day and never let up when they figure out that if shit dont change they get to see all about unemployment, they get to taste the wrath of some dumb ass rouge cop, things will change. The police are not all bad, there are some who want to protect and serve. Their are idiots everywhere, corruption also, but it is mostly in Washington. We want change, we are the only damn country in the world that you get mauled for smoking a joint. Holland just closed another 6 prisons because they don’t have anyone to put in them, Spain has everything legal and no Violent crime. America is run by a Government that produces more propaganda than the Russians ever dreamed of. You want change we have to change the way the Government is run. Revolution my ass, all you people talking that ying yang are as bad as the damn cop who shot the guy, yea break my door down, hope your ass knows Jesus, or YA YA, or Jehova dont make no difference just know your ass will meet him. But as for Revolution that is why we have the right to vote, and say what we want here and anywhere. I’ve been places were they’d cut your whole family’s heads off while you watched then kill you for saying anything about the Government. We live where all we have to do is put there asses in the street, and last but not least if your ass don’t vote don’t bitch. We have the power to change things if we get off our lazy asses talking and go out and support the people you want in office, then vote for them. Revolution shit I’d like to see if all you people talking that shit could even shot a fucking deer to survive if the econmy keeps going down hill, much less pull the trigger on another human being. It aint no glory in it, it aint no way to solve any problem, and it’s something you live with forever, you listen to me forever. Pot smokers aren’t killers. If you think so then you don’t smoke pot.

  34. This was someone’s son, someone’s brother, someone’s husband, and someone’s Daddy. How can the United States be so cruel ? This breaks my heart !

  35. what we the people need to do is gather in masses on 4-20-11 to show dc how serious the people are that would get their attention mmp, hightimes, and norml needs to promote this to their readers we need a grass root movement no pun indeed…but until we all stand together and show that this is a serious issue nothing will change…now let’s try to unite the entire country in a mass peaceful protest in all 50 states on 4-20-11 to show the mass media and the fools in dc and in each state that we the people are for real but if we can’t even do a massive peaceful protest for what we say we believe in than they know we the people potheads are a big joke…now it’s up to you we the people…

  36. Its time for a revoulution. our personal freedoms are at risk under the guise or a imaginary war against drugs. propaganda,lies,deceit! bypassing the bill of rights in the name of the drug war. time to stop this sh!t. vote em out and stop the drug war.

  37. Those mutherfuckers achieved thir goal. You have to give them credit for that.

    Bullet-ridden corpses don’t smoke pot.

    Problem solved.

  38. What happened in Arizona is just the beginning!!! This government has to be corrected!!! And I don’t think voting is the answer unfortunately.

  39. How do you like the part where they shoot him 3 times and then tell him to get on the ground? WTF?! How dumb are these a**holes?

  40. It is time for Egypt style riots. Lets march on Washington and burn it to the ground. How can we stand for government policies that murder our own people?

  41. If the Egyptians overthrow their government and take their grievances to the streets of Cairo why not us. Follow up please, MPP.

  42. All you Obama backers I HOPE are getting your ass full of this sweet talking piece of crap..he has DONE NOTHING to curb this kind of actions, NOTHING. In fact its happening everywhere..not to this degree thank God but lives are being ruined because someone chooses to utilize a non toxic herb that has more medicinal uses then any other plant on this planet! Not to mention how fossil fuels that we go to war over would be totally done away with if we used the Hemp plant for fuel. 100% GREEN and puts more back into the soil and air then it takes away. FUEL, FOOD, FIBER, and Medicine…but the sonsabitches in Washington keep repeating the same old lies for the past 80 years..there is only one man we need to see in the Presidents chair and thats RON PAUL. and he will be getting the nod to run and if ANY of you decide to vote for someone else in 2012 you will be getting more of the same..Im sick to death the way We the People have been lied to in this country its time for REAL CHANGE..Obama is in the very same bed that Bush was in, only difference is Obama changed the sheets. And as far as MPP speaking out about Obama with his lies and deceit..dont hold your breath..I no longer support MPP (after many years) because they WILL NOT come to the aide of Rick Simpson in Canada nor even speak about the 100’s of people he CURED with cancer and other diseases with the HEMP OIL (Pheonix Tears) that he produced and GAVE AWAY. If you have not followed this story DO SO. Rick has a video out its called” Run From The Cure” all this hoopla over smoking Hemp (which is fine, Im 50 years old, have smoked almost every day since I was 16, in fact I can count on 2 hands how many days I HAVE NOT smoked in 34 years!! But the medicnal properties of hemp thats being smoked on a scale of 1-10 ranks a 3 the TRUE medicine and healing properties are in the OIL! And MPP (no matter how often you ask them) will remain silent on this issue. They should be doing everything in their power to inform EVERYONE about what this guy has done and what HELL the Canadian Gov. has put him and his family through..its mind bending. MPP has lost my contributions for ever, until they stand up and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…not one more red cent from me.

  43. No warning knocks, shouts or shots. Execution without a trial is now legal in your own home in America.

    Everyone knows potsmokers are a true menace to society because they tend to snack and giggle a lot while listening to music, and they are all dangerous domestic terrorists, hiding bombs in their bongs.

    3 shots was required to kill that useless eater with his golf club weapon, to make sure he never plays golf again. The Nazis were bummed that there was no dog in the house to kill too.

    Note: It said only a “small” amount of pot was recovered. Looks like the Jackboots got some smokes to sell too (surprise!) that never made it to the property room.

  44. I’ll also mention jj’s point above as others have. It appears that MPP doessn’t respond, doesn’t read these comments, doesn’t know about Obama’s changed position on mj. Or so it seems.

    I’m angry that this police murderer killed a peaceful innocent man and of course gets away with it. I can’t actually recall any police department arresting any of it’s own for such crimes.

    So this is America? The criminals are wearing the badges and uniforms of police officers. They are sitting in high government offices. What are we doing? Sitting in our easy chairs — couch potatoes we are.

    This problem has definitely escalated over my life time, 53 years. It will get worse before it gets better. Much worse!

    Revolution? How so? You can’t even get people off the couch and organized to vote, let alone go after Nazi pigs.

    We can end the government’s war on the American people without retaliation and more bloodshed by electing leaders who will represent us. No politician should be elected unless his or her position on the constitution and cannabis is crystal clear. Those who side with the DEA should never get a position in public office. Those who will not state their position on cannabis should not get your vote. We have to force politicians to speak out against this evil.

  45. all those “founding fathers” mentioned here ALL had hemp crops and smoked pot, this is a documented fact and they promoted it as textile industry until they figured out tobacco was addicting and the english would pay big bucks to get it, this was one of the true reasons for the war not tea, we are missing out on a 6 billion dollar textile industry with 100000’s of jobs because of big oil, dupont and lumber cazrs dont want hemp to be re-established as textile crop, it has no relation to medical side

  46. by keeping pills and alcohol legal they are doing there part to help the pharmicies and themselves rich and people to there graves faster. we need to overgrow this government

  47. I’ve voted for Ron Paul in every presidential election he’s been on the ballot. I switched to R to vote for Ron Paul in the R primary elections.

  48. It’s no wonder that random assh@les have started shooting police in the back of the head as they sit in donut shops.
    If you join a cult of thugs, you have no reason to bitch when people HATE you.
    See if you still want to call a cop after you read “Warren v. District of Columbia”

  49. TODD BLAIR, 45, gunned down by armed police. I pray for Justice. May today there be peace within. May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content knowing you are a child of God. Let this presence settle into our bones, and all our souls the freedom to sing, dance, and bask in the sun … it is there for each and every one of you. BLESSED BE.

  50. This is sad, but I didn’t hear them call for help, all you hear is one guy telling them to keep moving. They want to take guns away from everyone not to keep us safe so we can’t fight back. This is getting out of hand. I live in Rockford, Il and 2 cops chased a guy down and shot him alot. Then to find out it was the second time one of the cops kill someone else, no weapon quick death and the cop got a ribbon and a good job in the paper. I say if the cops pull you over your life is at risk, What happen to the land of the free. Now we hire muderers to police our states…..

  51. The drug reform organizations have legal staff to present their cases to a U.S.A. prosecutor to put these murders, rapers, robbers. torturers, and other criminal activity in jail or the death penality. They should organize protesting marches every time the cops step out of line. I expect a response with in 48 hours of my request. Everyone has the 2nd Amendment right ot protect themselfs. Th U.S.A. Amendment rights should not be taken lightly. Please respond to your organizations personally.

  52. “Outraged” is an extreme understatement when it comes to the way I feel after watching this video! I almost punched a hole in my wall after reading the story and watching the video! The video should be evidence in a murder case! Sgt. Troy Burnett should at the very least do life in prison. Instead, he probably got some sort of honorable recognition that you can read about in that Utah city’s local paper. Way to “serve and protect” asshole!

  53. These comments are the biggest load of crap that I have heard ever since Martin Luther Kings I have a dream speech. The video is fake you just can’t tell because you are high. rule 1 America wins every time Vietnam the nuclear bomb 911 the economy TSA. We cant loose said by my hero Mr George W Busch

  54. Utah S.W.A.T. might as well have a death lottery on its citizens. If you own or rent a house in Utah you are eligible.
    The Utah S.W.A.T. will greet you with a surprise by kicking down your door and spraying you with bullets.

    (The Utah S.W.A.T. are not responsible and are exempt from any wrong doing in the state of Utah.)

    The humor is sick and so is the Utah S.W.A.T.

  55. taxing = paying the mafia/government to stop attacking us
    regulating = giving the mafia/government “control” of the cannabis industry

    I personally think it’s time to change the dialog of this discussion. Visit for a new idea in reforming the existing laws that prohibit the American people (farmers, gardeners and average Joes/Janes) from growing and using this valuable crop.

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