The MPP Insider, Episode #015

Sep 30, 2010

7 responses to “The MPP Insider, Episode #015”

  1. Thanks for all the hard work Mike and MPP. It’s crunch time, let’s all make sure we contact everyone we know in the states impacted and especially California! Common sense will not prevail on it’s own.

  2. I’d prefer to see marijuana not regulated, and prefer that companies be able to sell any product (even potentially dangerous products, e.g. alcohol).

  3. I just have a question about Prop 19,

    Prop 19 will “Control and regulate it.” Does the “Control” part mean that they will take away the potency and not allow hydro?

  4. @txgrandma420 –

    Prop 19 Summary.

    Pros: Legal possession (unlimited at grow site), free, legal, non-medical, personal grows, free to receive from friends, Employment protection, local/state police cannot assist feds, PROP 215 and SB 420 remain, the cost of cannabis will be dramatically reduced (50-80%). Medical grows are not confined to 25sqft as per PROP 215.

    Cons: Small non-medical commercial grows may not make enough money for it to be worth their time.

    Bottom line, the pros, especially the employment protection and state cannot help feds bust, far outweigh any negatives. By the way, any negatives can be fixed with the next proposal.

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